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Keith Jardine is Rashad Evans' Fluffer

Onion2010-06-10 07:24:15 +0000 #1
I saw an interesting fact on MMA Live the the other day, and it raises some interesting questions....

Keith Jardine, best friend and training partner of Rashad Evan, has fought 5 of Evans' future opponents before Evans did. Essentially, Jardine is Evans' fluffer.

Stephan Bonnar: Jardine lost 4/06, Rashad beat 2 months later

Chuck Liddell: Jardine beat 9/07, Rashad beat 1 year later

Forrest Griffin: Jardine beat 12/06, Rashad beat 2 years later

Thiago Silva: Jardine lost 8/09, Rashad beat 5 months later

Rampage Jackson: Jardine lost 3/09, Rashad beat 1 year later

Jardine had mixed results, but Rashad beat all of them.

Of course, we can say Rashad is simply the better fighter, which does seem to be true, but you gotta say that Jardine's up close experience with Rashad's future opponents certainly helps Rashad out; especially with the master game-planner, Greg Jackson, there to watch the first fight up close.

Rashad was asked about it and he said not only does Jardine's input help a lot; but the fact that Rashad trained with Jardine, for Jardine's fights, was very helpful. This forced Evans to study the fighters closely, long before he ever fought them, as he had to be able to mimic them for Jardine's training.

Must be nice to have a guinea pig in your camp that will act as your personal gatekeeper.

BulldogWrestler2010-06-10 07:31:33 +0000 #2
It's tough to make that correlation.

I think the same can be said for any of the top contenders who are in the same division and train together.
tpnurdle2010-06-10 08:04:33 +0000 #3
Shake and Bake!!!!



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