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James Thomson, "I win, Knockout" Video

BruceLee2010-06-12 14:15:26 +0000 #1
Jamsey's latest fight from this weekend:

Video From YouTube:(link)

Ash2010-06-12 14:22:25 +0000 #2
Pretty bad when Petkovic lays you out, with a jab of all things. Guy has really, really limited striking. A friend of mine was telling me that Petkovic was in town one day I guess looking for a place to train for a few days, I guess this probably would've been before his HCF fight, and they had to ask him to leave when they noticed he was covered in tons of weird lumps and sores. Apparently that's why most of his old fights he wore a rash guard, to cover that up. He has probably the worst bacne I've ever seen, as well.

I also remember when he fought Coelho (ugliest fighter ever!) at Jungle Fight 5 he came into the fight with his face covered in bandages, like he was Marv from Sin City. They let him fight like that, too!
Thumpin2010-06-12 14:23:14 +0000 #3
JT needs to retire.
LuckyD2010-06-12 15:21:11 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Thumpin

JT needs to retire.

Indeed. However, James is the type of fool that is going to want to keep on fighting forever, and keep getting fights just because of his history, in that he's somewhat notable. Plus, he's the typical "English stand up brawler" that the common fans love to see.

He'll continue getting KO'ed until he no longer is able to get up anymore. JT never had much of a chin, but jeez that was a jab/half-hearted hook. **** he should have retired after Butters KTFO'd him.
Mtn Man2010-06-12 15:19:22 +0000 #5
JT's dvd player must be broken.



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