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Can Slamcock Admits to Using Steroids

thelegend2010-06-14 01:40:44 +0000 #1

UFC Hall of Famer and MMA trailblazer Ken Shamrock admits he used steroids during his career.

The 46-year-old fighter and UFC 1 competitor confirmed the usage while a guest on Friday's new edition of "Fighting Words with Mike Straka" on HDNet.

Shamrock tested positive for multiple steroids after his most recent fight – a February 2009 submission win over the late Ross Clifron – but initially denied usage.

At the time and in a subsequent interview with ( ), his camp blamed the failed drug test on over-the-counter products that may have triggered a false positive.

Shamrock, who didn't explain exactly when the usage took place, told Straka it's easy for MMA fighters to acquire the banned substances.

"It's easy and simple," he said.

Shamrock, who's also been involved in professional wrestling with the WWE, placed some of the blame on fans, whom he said want to see muscled-up athletes but ostracize them if they fail a test or endorse the drugs.

"When they find out about it, they want to stick their heads in the sand," Shamrock said. "No one wants to take responsibility, but everyone wants to see [bigger athletes]."

HDNet teased Shamrock's announcement earlier today with an email/press release titled: "A UFC Hall of Famer admits using steroids during his fighting career." HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon also today appeared on Radio to promote the announcement and a detailed "Inside MMA" panel discussion in which MMA veteran Dennis Hallman claimed as many as 50 percent of active MMA fighters use steroids.

The subject has been a hot topic throughout the week following's report in which "The Ultimate Fighter 12" coaches Georges St-Pierre and Josh Koscheck discussed their desire for Olympic-style blood testing in MMA.

Shamrock, who's rumored to be fighting Pedro Rizzo at a July Impact FC event in Australia, snapped a five-fight losing streak with his win over Clifton. His career record stands at 27-13-2, which includes a 7-6-2 mark in the UFC and the organization's first-ever "UFC Superfight" championship. He was a first-ever UFC Hall of Fame inductee in 2003.

Not surprising to hear he uses/used, surprising to hear him admit it though.

the chip guy2010-06-14 01:46:20 +0000 #2
It's kind of ****ty that he blames it on the fans, but as far as the pro wraslin goes what he said is true.
PITTFOX2010-06-14 02:21:02 +0000 #3
This is just like the nsync guy saying he's gay.



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