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Worst Decisions/Robbery

Kerrdogg2010-06-15 20:21:24 +0000 #1
you nalied it with the Bas/Randleman fight. I mean come on, really. Bas was trying to stay busy but the problem was he was on his back the whole time. Couldn't negate the takedown and had no answers for Randlemans' GnP. Total BS.

I kinda thought that Forrest beat Tito. I think that MAYBE Tito had the 1st round 10-8, but it if it wasn't for that 1 takedown in round 3, Forrest had it.

Jardine/Bonnar as well- tough call.
adamgt-X2010-06-15 20:23:43 +0000 #2

Originally Posted by Massacre

Name some decisions you feel were robbery also other posters feel free to debate with others choices. Here are some of mine I feel were way off:

-Bas Rutten defeating Kevin Randleman at UFC 20. Everyone knows Randleman won what the hell did Bas do defend from his back? He was taken down repeatedly and stayed and in the guard being ground and pounded the whole fight. Randleman could have remained undefeated and be the young phenom but no UFC or SEG (aka the disorganized bad image for MMA group) was too stupid at the time.

-Wanderlei Silva defeating Ricardo Arona at Shockwave 2005. Arona won rounds 2 and 3 for me I don't know what the hell was going on. Arona has Wanderleis number always will.

-Randy Couture defeats Pedro Rizzo at UFC 31. I got Rizzo 4 rounds Couture 1. Couture won the first round 10-8 though and it could have been a TKO. However Rizzo won round 2 10-8. Round 4 was close but I gave it to Rizzo. The other rounds were Rizzo. Many people complain since it was one of the best UFC fights off all time but the decision ruined it. At least Couture gave the man a rematch and won.

-BJ Penn defeats Matt Serra at UFC 39. Matt Serra won 2 rounds to 1 in my opinion. Penn gassed like always and Serra took advantage. Sort of bullshit UFC was making Penn a poster boy or wanted a rematch with him and Uno for the vacated title.

-Chuck Liddell defeats Murilo Bustamante at UFC 33. Many people agree that this was robbery but of coarse Bustamante was meant a middleweight and Liddell was the up and comer with a huge win over Randleman. So what can you expect. Bustamante clearly won he got some good shots in. Bustamante has had his MMA record screwed of bad decisions like this. Watch the fight you will know Bustamante won.

-Dan Henderson defeats Murilo Bustamante at Shockwave 2005. Pretty even battle its hard to tell who won but I gave the edge to Bustamante. I threw this fight on the list for the hell of it.

Your choices?

Pride is scored by effort to finish the fight-wanderlei won that

Pride does not award lay and pray
adamgt-X2010-06-15 20:55:21 +0000 #3
at first I thought randleman was screwed however he kinda laid on bas and didnt domuch even thought bas was on the bottom he keept busy with strikes

but its still a toss up
Mirko2010-06-15 21:22:09 +0000 #4
Goes vs Henderson: I always thought that Goes should have been awarded the decision in that one.

Arona vs Mezger: I thought Mezger won. He did gas and I think that cost him the decision, but I still think he did more over all and should have taken it.

Mezger vs Sakuraba: Neither fighter did a lot in this one, but I still say Mezger should have been given the win. I will always say that they gave Saku that one because of his place in Japanese MMA at the time.

Rampage vs Ninja: Even Rampage himself said that the judges were wrong in giving him the win.

Just my opinion.



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