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CroCop was hassled by Canadian immigration

Thumpin2010-06-18 03:18:11 +0000 #1
What's up with these damn Canadian Immigration officials? My buddy got denied going there for having a drunk driving charge on his record 3 years ago.

From here:

'The first day I was kept for four hours, the other two. They were not satisfied with my answers and asked to think about the questions raised. It was painful, they inquired about my army service and role in the war, commanders and ATJ Port. I have not appointed anyone, "says Filipovic.

Mirko Filipovic will be his last match in the UFC, and as announced in his career, against Pat Barry remembered for many things. It was in the first round twice 'sit' on the backside, embrace it with an opponent during the fight and eventually punish his casting arm and leg for which a 30-year-old American finished in a wheelchair.

But Cro Cop's time in Vancouver marked the inconvenience at the border because he stayed in the immigration, but his passport did not return until the very departure from Canada.

"The first day I was kept for four hours and two more the next day. Although they were not satisfied with my answers let me to sleep through the city, the hotel, and asked to think about the questions raised. I was threatened deportation, but rose to Croatian Embassy, Consul was urgently flown in from Ottawa, and the UFC hired the best lawyer for immigration issues. They obviously knew what would happen because my lawyer welcomed the runway at the airport, "retells the Croatian gladiator and discovered the unpleasant details of the conversation:

"Testing has been painful for me, but I must say that the Immigration Bureau officials very correctly perform their job. They used what they have to, but there are obviously very interested in the military and police matters from the former Yugoslavia. Most of them are interested in my military service that I served the 1993rd and 1994th time, as conscripts, but I was not involved in combat activities. They asked me if I was involved in the torture of civilians, asking for names of command lines and tactical commander. are asking for my activities in Port ATJ where I joined a few years after the war. They gave me a list of names to be confirmed, but I did it. No one not named because it is still a matter of dignity and principles. I said to myself, if this bid is ready to return home. They could do with me what they wanted, yet they'll let me fight, "revealed the Vecernji Cro Cop.

Onion2010-06-18 03:34:45 +0000 #2
Makes sense to me. Any Serbo-Croation who was involved in military activity during those times is a subject of interest as there are thousands of war criminals at large.
Din Kong2010-06-18 03:24:29 +0000 #3
They had to make sure he wasn't Polish before releasing him without tasing him to death.
E51502010-06-18 03:53:41 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Din Kong

They had to make sure he wasn't Polish before releasing him without tasing him to death.

Funny that you mention that, cause for atleast two weeks after that happened, no polish immigrants were allowed in the country at all.

I know this because a polish band was touring North American around that time, they had just left Alberta a few days before that dude was killed, and tried getting into Ontario a week or so afterwards and they weren't allowed in.

Canadian border is seriously wack.
bhorrrr2010-06-18 05:03:32 +0000 #5
that was hard to read.


my head asplode.
seansloan2010-06-18 03:51:02 +0000 #6
I thought I was the only one who used babelfish



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