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Respect to Dunham, MacDonald, and Kampmann

LuckyD2010-06-18 20:23:02 +0000 #1
Just some various/random thoughts on three fighters who impressed me a lot at UFC 115.

Martin Kampmann;

A lot of people here like to bash Kampmann, saying he is weak all around and has a poor chin. That latter point is somewhat true, although I don't think it's necessarily 'weak' per se.

Well, what of his performance against Thiago? Paulo Thiago was absolutlely taken to school on the ground by Kampmann, and was technically beaten soundly on his feet as well.

I picked Thiago to win this by UD, but never did I think Kampmann's ground game has improved so much. For a guy that came in at MW and was styled a kickboxer, he sure has a superb and fluid ground game. His jitz as it translates to MMA is fantastic, and he's evolved a ton since his debut.

Evan Dunham;

As for Evan Dunham, he shocked me more than Kampmann on this card. No one has schooled Tyson Griffin like that in his entire career. Again, I picked Tyson to win by UD here, as Dunham has shown he is very adept on the ground, however that was just against Efrain Escudero, who is unproven at best.

Dunham showed us it was no fluke against Escudero, he just owned Tyson on the ground. He must have had Griffin's back for like 8 minutes total. He's got to learn to finish in such a position, however he's young and Tyson Griffin is damn near impossible to sub as it is.

Standing Dunham held his own, but where I was impressed most was with his takedowns. Guys like Guida and even Tibau had hell trying to take Griffin down, yet Dunham did it with relative ease later in the match. His cardio was very impressive as well.

Rory MacDonald;

Properly labeled a "future star", he held up by beating up Carlos Condit for 2 rounds. Sure Condit has long since been overrated, but few can go through him the way MacDonald did.

The stoppage was premature, but not horribly so. His resume needs to be built up a bit more slowly though right now, following this loss.

This kid will be back though, and is a future top 10 guy, it's up to him if he can progress beyond that.

Tribal2010-06-18 20:27:08 +0000 #2
I really don't see how anyone can say Kampmann has a weak chin. Paul Daley was blasting him over and over with shots and couldn't put him completely away. McFedries was bombing on him in there fight as well and couldn't KO him. Marquardt might be the closest thing but he still didn't completely KO him. I'd hardly say he has a weak chin. Does he get rocked, sure, but I would say his chin is far from being weak.

For the record, I picked Kampann to win by UD in the fight discussion thread. Kampmann's a pretty durable fighter for the most part and definetly brings it win or lose.
Ash2010-06-18 20:59:32 +0000 #3
Dunham has been my ace in the hole. I saw him fight a few times before he was in the UFC, and he was awesome. I've bet on him every single fight he's done in the UFC, all of which he was a big underdog, and as we all know he's been money. Dunham is awesome, good stand-up, stellar ground game, solid chin, heart, just a really tough, well rounded guy. On the downside, after beating Tyson I don't think he'll be an underdog any longer, so that was good while it lasted. I picked Dunham over Tyson obviously, but I didn't know if he'd win, and I sure never thought he'd own him.

And yeah, Kampmann has been hurt a good few times, but never KO'd. I'm a fan of his, I really didn't know who to root for in his fight, cos I like Thiago alot as well. Basically, I picked Kampmann because I thought he'd be quite a bit tougher standing.

Kind of an interesting note about him, in Forrest Griffin's book he talks about Kampmann briefly, in regards to guys who have a really good no ego, no bull**** attitude towards training. He said that when he first came to Xtreme Couture he had like, a white belt-esque ground game and would get tapped by anyone, easily. Rather than get frustrated or get down on himself, he'd actually put in more time rolling than anyone at the gym and nowadays he's neigh-impossible to tap. Kind of a cool story.
Manic Bastard2010-06-18 21:19:27 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by LuckyD

A lot of people here like to bash Kampmann, saying he is weak all around and has a poor chin. That latter point is somewhat true, although I don't think it's necessarily 'weak' per se.

That statement certainly ranks in the Top 5 of the stupidest things I've ever read on this forum, and that's saying a lot.

First of all, Kampmann has never been knocked out.

Secondly, he's only been rocked and/or dazed by shots and kicks that would've KTFO'ed other fighters.

Get real, cowboy.


E51502010-06-18 21:56:36 +0000 #5
Hi Martin!
Shamrocked2010-06-18 21:21:59 +0000 #6
Not sure anyone could question Kampman's chin (nor have I ever heard anyone do so).



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