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Bellator 23

Madcap2010-06-26 16:20:40 +0000 #1
First fight: Frausto vs. Sexton, striker vs. grappler - Frausto murders Sexton with a knee in the first round.....Sexton seemed to have over-committed to her TD attempt. Oops.

Schlemenko vs. Baker - I was pretty confident Baker would take this, but instead, the smaller russian catches him in round one.

Third fight: Warren vs. Pitbull - Round 1, Pitbull schools Warren both standing and on the ground, almost getting a TKO from the mount at the end of the round. Round 2, Warren finally gets a TD and lands a few elbows from inside Pitbull's guard; Warren prolly takes the round by being on top the second half of it. Round 3, Pitbull seems gassed. Warren gets 3 TDs and spends over 3 min on top of Pitbull landing decent elbows and a fist or two. Pitbull not managing to threaten with subs. Split Decision win for Warren.

135 lb qualifier for Aug tourney - Nick Mamalis vs. Albert Rios: Mamalis gets the TKO in the last 30 seconds.

So this Fall, it's these for the belts:

Lombard vs. Schlemenko at 185 lbs

Warren vs. Soto at 145 lbs

Askren vs. Good at 170 lbs

Curran vs. Alvarez at 155 lbs

August 12 is the beginning of the bantamweight tourney. Also have a women's tourney, and men's HW I believe.

handlas2010-06-26 16:31:42 +0000 #2
I consider myself an MMA fan but I've watched a few Bellator shows and couldn't get into it. (and by the lack of comments about it, not many other people watch it either?)

I missed the Frausto vs Sexton fight. I saw the knee at the end. Too bad, it looked like the best fight tonight. Warren wasn't doing **** at the end of the first round...looked like it should of been stopped imo. He was turtled up and waiting to be saved.
The_Splatoon2010-06-26 17:02:31 +0000 #3
I catch it when it's on Telemundo (don't have Fox sports at home), and it's usually enjoyable. Plus, free is always a plus.
Birddogg9112010-06-26 16:50:15 +0000 #4
well i usally watch it on dvr ,dont take long to watch it that way, usally only 5 or so fights so it goes quick when u fast forward threw the commercials.i gotta think/hope this womens tourney is popular as well .they need to stick with the women ,makes them unique in sevral actully gonna miss them until what august? free MMA every week, with a DVR its easy to keep up with shows like this.

its a mixed bag ive seen good fights and bad fights.A few of these guys are up and coming, most are not and i still think thats part of what makes it interesting. Id love to see the champs put back in the tournaments you gotta think eventully they will do that once there are more past champions.I like seeing unknown underdogs win in MMA ,I also like to see a champ put a guy in his place you know,you get a great mix with a tourney format.

was an awsome ko in the womens fight i thought it was funny they called that a tko.

The Warren fight def should have been stoped in the first like you said, but you never know what a ref is gonna do and he did come back to control the positions of that fight in 2 and 3. Pitbull def came closer to a finish tho(looked finished to me), in my mind thats what im looking for when i decide, so i did think Pitbull won that fight but could have gone either way i guess.Both guys are still interesting either way no big loser here....
cuotfs2010-06-26 16:48:33 +0000 #5
I don't see any way for the russian to beat muscle midget.

Then again, I wouldn't thought he would beat Baker either...



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