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Fedor wants rematch with Werdum

Best80smovieRAD2010-07-01 00:20:02 +0000 #1
Looks like Alistair gets to sit on the shelf even longer, i don't see how they wouldn't give Fedor the rematch and Werdum said in his post fight that he wanted it as well


SAN JOSE, Calif. – Just as he had following each one of his astonishing 27 consecutive victories, Russian heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko (31-2 MMA, 1-1 SF) entered the night's post-event press conference with little visible emotion.

Despite the fact that the mixed martial arts world had been turned on its head following Emelianenko's 69-second loss to Fabricio Werdum in the main event of Saturday's Showtime-broadcast "Strikeforce and M-1 Gloabl: Fedor vs. Werdum" event, "The Last Emperor" remained his usual stoic self as reporters tried to dissect how and why the sport's greatest heavyweight had been so quickly deposed.

After all, as Emelianenko explained, how could he be disappointed at what was obviously God's will?

"I'm really very sorry," Emelianenko told ( ) through his interpreter. "It's a pity that I disappointed people who really believed in me and trusted in me, but everything in this life happens for some reason.

"If God decided it that way, that means that was the best way for this very time. I thank God for everything."

In the opening moments of the contest, things seemed to go according to plan. An early barrage of Emelianenko's powerful leaping hooks left Werdum on the ground, and the Russian terminator quickly followed to the ground to finish off his wounded prey. But Emelianenko was entering the lion's den by willfully engaging Werdum on the floor, and the former PRIDE champion admitted his actions were a bit misguided.

"At the very beginning of the round, I hit Fabricio, and I wanted to finish as soon as possible," Emelianenko said. "At that very moment, I made a mistake."

Werdum immediately secured Emelianenko's arm, and he would never get it back. Werdum retained the appendage while working himself into a combination triangle choke and armbar lock from which the Russian would not escape.

Emelianenko said his inability to work free showed a weakness in his game.

"At the very moment when I had to escape, I stopped," Emelianenko said. "I didn't do that, and that moment was used by Fabricio to finish his lock.

"I try to work out so that to come up to the fight in my best shape. The fight showed that maybe I didn't work enough. Maybe I didn't work a lot somewhere, and I didn't manage to make all my technique become automatic. That means I will have to work more."

And there will be more.

Much of the pre-fight discussion surrounding Emelianenko focused on how much longer the 33-year-old would remain actively fighting. And while the loss was certainly an astonishing setback, Emelianenko said he has every intention to return for at least the one fight remaining on his deal with Strikeforce.

"My health, I'm in very good condition," Emelianenko said. "I feel myself very, very good. I will have one more fight here. I will be continuing."

As for that next fight, Emelianenko said he would appreciate the opportunity to avenge the first true defeat of his storied 10-year-career.

"Certainly I would like to have a rematch with Fabricio," Emelianenko said. "If he agrees, I would love to do that."

Emelianenko refused to reflect too much on the unparalleled run of nearly 10 years without tasting defeat. A humble man, the Russian said God has always kept him from taking too much pride in his accomplishments.

So while the discussions as to Emelianenko's current relevance in the heavyweight landscape of mixed martial arts are sure to be a hot topic in the coming days – especially in light of the UFC 116 main event between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin that lies just seven days away – the stoic Red Devil fighter said this is simply an example of the vulnerability of all fighters.

"The one who doesn't fall doesn't stand up," Emelianenko said. "It happens that I was made kind of an idol. Everybody loses. That happens.

"I'm a normal human being, as are all of us. If it is God's will, the next fight I'll win."

And with the same calmness that he's shown throughout the run that may never again be equaled in mixed martial arts, Emelianenko said if anything, he was relieved.

"No pressure at all," Emelianenko said. "There is some relief because tomorrow I will go back home."

bhorrrr2010-07-01 00:27:17 +0000 #2
i say give him the rematch.

i had an argument with some posters after the penn/edgar fight, basically with my position being the only people who are definitely entitled to immediate rematches if they want them are legends/dominant champions. if you have established an heir of invincibility (like only fedor, penn, silva, and gsp have right now), then i believe you deserve an attempt at avenging your loss immediately instead of working your way up. i hold to that position now.

also, i'm basically saying f*ck overeem, which i really don't feel too badly about. do i guess i'll stick with that. f*ck overeem!
the chip guy2010-07-01 00:59:35 +0000 #3
lol!!! at you Fedor nut huggers that think he deserves a rematch after getting embarrassed by Werdum.........hahahahahahahahahha
bhorrrr2010-07-01 00:54:47 +0000 #4
i'm the only one who replied, i'm not even a big fedor fan, and i made my argument completely on ethical grounds...

you confuse me.
thelegend2010-07-01 01:53:36 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by bhorrrr

i'm the only one who replied, i'm not even a big fedor fan, and i made my argument completely on ethical grounds...

you troll me.

fixed for accuracy
LiveinTokyo2010-07-01 02:24:50 +0000 #6
For me personally I would like to see this fight. I think that Fedor getting beat by Werdum is exactly the same as GSP getting beat by Serra. Of course it happened and that is in the history book, but 9/10 times it would have gone the other way - hel maybe 99,999/100,000 times.

They both got caught and they both lost. I personally think this is where we will see Fedor's intestinal fortitude - let's see how he comes back from a loss. In my book an unbeaten run is great, but when you can come back from a loss you are even stronger.

From a business side of things it makes complete sense - neither Werdum or Fedor were beat up by that fight, so let them fight again. Overeem can fight in Japan in the meantime which keeps him financially happy. It also gives Strikeforce a bit more time with their sort of limited HW division. It also means that Fedor's camp will shut up about negotiations and retiring and just concentrate on fighting.



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