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The End Of An Era

The Juggernaut2010-07-01 16:32:27 +0000 #1
Regardless of all the strong and heated exchanges many of us have had over the past few months regarding Fedor and where he truly stands; we can all agree that we just witnessed a pivotal moment in MMA history.

First things first, one really does have to take a moment to applaud Fedor's runs. As overvalued as I think it is, it is still impressive. Clap for him:

Now, there are some harsh criticisms to be made of this fight that I feel vindicate my previous arguments, but this isn't the time and the place for that. Instead let's just realize where we go from here. The last champion of pride has fallen, and the last of the great second generation warriors has been beaten.

MMA is now finally in it's 3rd generation without being haunted by the ghosts of the past. The game has truly risen to higher levels, and done are the days of dominant champions with glaring technical errors or questionable physical conditioning. Done are the days of shady organizations ,back alley shunning and Vadim Finkelstein.

Instead of mourning, let's celebrate. As sad as it may be to see Fedor thrown off the mountaintop, it signifies a new age in mma. It's part of mma's greater future, and it's a future filled with better fighters and bigger fights. This is just the natural process of things. It's a future that will be brighter than anything the first mixed martial artists could have ever imagined.

Here's to Fedor's past, here's to mma's future.

Adam152010-07-01 16:36:00 +0000 #2
I could've predicted this thread was coming... word for word.
bhorrrr2010-07-01 16:57:24 +0000 #3
i think that was done fairly classily (yes, i just made that up. yes, it's just fine to make adjectives into adverbs any time you like.) kudos to the biggest fedor hater ever.
Wahoo082010-07-01 17:49:12 +0000 #4
I thought it was a well written post. We saw it when Rampage defeated Liddell the second time. We saw it when Henderson defeated W. Silva. We saw it when Lesnar defeated Couture. We saw it when GSP defeated Hughes. The stars of the early to mid-2000's that helped bring MMA to the mainstream are falling and the sport is evolving. It's an inevitable part of any sport. It's sad to see such legends fall, but it's also exciting to see where the sport is heading.

It doesn't mean Fedor's career is over (nor are the careers of Hughes or Silva, yet), but I do think we witnessed a symbolic passing of the torch. Not so much from Fedor to Werdum, but from Fedor to the next generation of HW's.
Ron2010-07-01 17:51:05 +0000 #5
Will this be the end to the M-1 Global Co-Promotions?
xxTapoutxx2010-07-01 18:22:33 +0000 #6
chris leben hold all belt



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