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TUF 12 Finale 12/4/10 discussion

Cbear2010-12-12 19:52:54 +0000 #1
--I didn't see the need to put up threads for the individual fights since none are high profile, so we can just discuss the entire show in this thread.

TUF 12: Team GSP vs Team Koscheck Finale 12/4/10

9 p.m. Eastern on Spike TV

Stephan Bonnar vs Igor Pokrajac

Kendall Grove vs Demian Maia

Johny Hendricks vs Rick Story

Will Camuzano vs Nick Pace

Fredson Paixao vs Pablo Garza

Rich Attonito vs Dave Branch
Cbear2010-12-12 20:04:03 +0000 #2
All I know is that Maia damn well better choke Kendall out. Other than that, the fight card is meh.
smashem2010-12-12 20:16:27 +0000 #3
boring. where's the leben?
Cbear2010-12-12 20:24:59 +0000 #4
Since its such a boring card, I didn't even see the point in individual threads, polls or sullying Lebens name by associating him with this show.
cheeto1012010-12-12 21:35:34 +0000 #5
This is a brutal card, only thing I am looking forward to is Bonnar laying another whuppin on someone
bhorrrr2010-12-12 20:23:48 +0000 #6
i love watching maia fight at all times. otherwise, i care about 0 fights, but will watch anyway and probably say that it wasn't too bad a show and that every fight was exciting and that everyone who's saying it was awful just doesn't really like the sport all that much.

because that's what i do.

but seriously, i've been entertained watching maia every time out. i need him to be the absolute virtuoso he's seemed to be so far, though.



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