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Scott Coker is doing something smart finally

sportsgenius862010-12-12 02:58:21 +0000 #1

With the UFC already stating that they will not be holding an event in Columbus during the Arnold Classic Weekend this year, Strikeforce is stepping up to move into the slot.

As I've always said, when I feel Strikeforce has done something worthy of praise, I will praise them. Well here it is.

Bias aside (I live in Columbus), this is a HUGE HUGE weekend for the target MMA audience and it ALWAYS attracts thousands of people from all over the country. It's an unrivaled opportunity to gain traction with a fanbase and Strikeforce moving in couldn't be a smarter business decision for them.

I'm guessing Dana is still going to have a UFC booth at the event, since it would be dumb not to, but props to Coker for stepping up.

I'll probably go depending on the card and the price of tickets, but I'm not going to jump in without knowing who is fighting.
Loot2010-12-12 03:03:06 +0000 #2
The UFC was dumb to forget about The Arnold.....I never understood why they continued to neglect the event more and more over the years. They started out with a great UFC 68 card, followed by a great UFC 82 card....Then they sent a crap UFC 96 card, followed by a WEC event....And then they decided to can the entire thing.

Props to Strikeforce for stepping up. There's 100k athletes, family members, and friends in town that weekend, followed by another 50k meatheads (j/k)....And they are all a captive audience looking for a way to spend Saturday night.

An MMA card is a no-brainer, and I'll be there if they bring anything worthwhile.
Loot2010-12-12 03:18:03 +0000 #3
Having said that, get ready for Strikeforce Challengers, live from the Promo West Pavilion. j/k
sportsgenius862010-12-12 03:58:56 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Loot

Having said that, get ready for Strikeforce Challengers, live from the Promo West Pavilion. j/k

jesus christ if this happened I'd go picket the ****ing thing for the sheer stupidity of it

that said, I wouldn't be surprised to see a crappy card thinking they'll fill the place regardless.

In a perfect world, I'd get Hendo-Feijao and the Melendez-Alvarez superfight.
Cbear2010-12-12 03:20:03 +0000 #5
If Dana is boycotting it, its because its not worth the money and turnout are less than expected.

I'm wondering if everyone is out at the bajillion private parties at night and paying attendance isn't that great?

This strikes me as Coker going for Dana's castoffs. It might be good exposure for the Strikeforce brand or it might have to be papered to death to get anyone to show up.



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