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Watching Strikeforce Online?

KnockOut2010-12-13 16:19:35 +0000 #1
Are there any legit sites to stream the fights?
nate2010-12-13 16:30:23 +0000 #2
There's a stream on sherdog. I don't know if it works haven't tried to use it before but it says free strikeforce stream beings at 8:30 eastern
bhorrrr2010-12-13 16:28:50 +0000 #3
I'm not sure about this, but I think Sherdog is only airing the prelims. They've done this before. Airing the event, itself, for free seems like it'd just be taking money out of Showtime's hands, which I don't think they'd to happy with.
nate2010-12-13 17:16:40 +0000 #4
Yeah that would make sense I thought it was probably too good to be true
seansloan2010-12-13 17:06:01 +0000 #5
Im not falling for this,Sherdogs streams NEVER work
nate2010-12-13 18:12:05 +0000 #6
Its working but it is just for the undercard fights



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