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Strikeforce 12/4/10: Daley vs Smith

Cbear2010-12-12 15:46:01 +0000 #1
Strikeforce: Henderson vs Babalu II

Saturday 12/4/10 on Showtime 10 p.m. Eastern

Showtime tv matches:

Dan Henderson vs Renato Sobral

Antonio Silva vs Valentijn Overeem

Paul Daley vs Scott Smith

Robbie Lawler vs Matt Lindland

Dark matches:

Jesse Finney vs TBA

Fernando Bettega vs Wayne Phillips

Patrick Cummins vs Terrell Brown

Max Martyniouk vs Justin Lawrence

Lee Brousseau vs Mike Glenn

Ben Brown vs JW Wright

** Herschel Walker cancelled due to injury
ÉtienneDavignon2010-12-12 15:47:59 +0000 #2
Smith by KO will serve as another example of bad match making by strikeforce where who they wanted to win loses
Sister Sledge2010-12-12 15:53:31 +0000 #3
To be fair it really does not concern me to much who wins, as long as there is a great knockout.
CoolzInferno2010-12-12 16:27:41 +0000 #4
I just hope it doesn't end up with them both being super tentative because of the fear of being KTFO'd. It'd be amusing if one of them decides to just take it to the ground.
Chief Beef Loco2010-12-12 16:50:39 +0000 #5
Smith says he wants a slobber knocker of a fight so I doubt this is going to the ground.
krazo1012010-12-12 17:16:28 +0000 #6
Wow i didn't expect anyone to give Smith a chance, i see Semtex decapitating Smith within the first five minutes.



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