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The Be All, End All of Fedor Tributes

krazo1012010-12-13 23:45:25 +0000 #1
I had goosebumps for a week after this

Video From YouTube:(link)

QuickJack2010-12-13 23:53:46 +0000 #2
Seen this before. Pretty good.
PITTFOX2010-12-14 00:17:46 +0000 #3
Yeah it was posted here recently, but it is good.
krazo1012010-12-14 00:29:10 +0000 #4
Damn i knew i was late on that, whatever it needs to be seen
Dana Black2010-12-14 01:25:31 +0000 #5
Who is Fedor, is he relevent?
Din Kong2010-12-14 00:30:16 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Dana Black

Who is Fedor, is he relevent?

Not to retards.



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