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Are there going to be too few fighters in the UFC?

DM4262010-12-11 23:47:17 +0000 #1
This story: and the recent news about Harris being cut after a single loss got me wondering whether the UFC is making a mistake by absorbing the WEC but not increasing the number of total slots in the organization. On the one hand, this could help breed really fierce competition in each and every fight because everyone is fighting to stay in the UFC. On the other hand, it could lead to a situation where even ordinarily aggressive fighters will now have a reason to play it safe.

Is that the future of the UFC? Lose one fight and you're out?
BulldogWrestler2010-12-12 00:00:57 +0000 #2
Wait a second, so absorbing another org (more fighters) makes you wonder if there will be LESS fighters in the UFC?

Again, people are getting overdramatic over this when no details of why he was released are even available or out there.
BulldogWrestler2010-12-12 00:16:08 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by lutherhargrove

Yeah I really don't like how they are cutting guys right and left. It makes it hard to follow their careers and see them bounce back from losses. They need to have some standardized way of dealing with this so we (the fans) know what to expect. Maybe something like 3 losses in a row and your out or a total of 6 losses in a 5 year period. I dont know, but something more solid than just 1 loss and your out. Especially after whippin so many guys like Harris has.

Who else has been cut after only one loss?
Tallica19812010-12-12 00:12:12 +0000 #4
I didn't read much of the story, but I think I get where they are going. I don't think there will be too few fighters per division. i think there will be less, and as a result, maybe fewer fights per division. But, i don't think it's a bad thing. It just means Duane Ludwig will have to fight Oscipczak in KOTC and we will only see the top 25-30 in each class fighting in the UFC. Nothing wrong with that. Overall, i think we will see the same number of fights.

the message isn't lose one an you're out, even though that will be the case in many circumstances. i think it is show up and fight for your job. You've got 2 ways to be in the top league. Win, or be a draw. Winning is key, but if you win boring fights, you'd better not lose one. If you can be exciting, and become a draw while doing it (Garcia), but occasionally drop one, you'll probably hang around.

i don't see the problem with this, with the exception of the Harris release if no other reasons are given. the UFC is where the best, and most entertaining fighters fight, and where the most money is to be made. It's not something everyone should be given the right to.
wgrapple2010-12-12 01:02:53 +0000 #5
It's not the first time Harris choked when the pressure was on and the reality is if he can't beat Falcao he doesn't belong in the UFC.

I don't think it's going to be a problem at all. If anything, it should give extra motivation to fighters to put on a show.
Shamrocked2010-12-12 00:22:05 +0000 #6
I thought they had too many fighters before they merged with the WEC. A couple of years ago Dana said they had over 200 fighters under contract (which has likely increased since that time). Even at 12-15 shows a year it'd be a struggle to get a fight for all of them much less multiple fights for the big draws. I'm not sure how the fringe guys are making a living now.



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