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Barboza leg kicks

Tribal2010-12-12 09:39:39 +0000 #1
Wow, someone called it! Guy is an animal!
Iron Maiden2010-12-12 09:49:10 +0000 #2
Straight nasty. His entire striking game was very solid. Even his ground game looked good. He stayed calm and composed and was able to avoid any trouble.
bhorrrr2010-12-12 09:52:42 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by bhorrrr

Edson Barboza, who makes his UFC debut on the undercard of 123, has SICK leg kicks. I mean.. for those leg kick fans out there.

To be fair.. this was an extremely easy one to call.

My favorite part about Barboza is that he basically IS my UFC Undisputed career character. Lots of muay thai body and leg kicks, and if you clinch with him, he's going to throw you down just for the sake of the slam and then stand back up and back away.

It's honestly amazing how similar he is with my LW career fighter. He's even Brazillian.
Cbear2010-12-12 10:35:04 +0000 #4
It was sad watching that fight.

The other guy wasnt going to quit, Barbarosa was forced to keep kicking and the ref was clueless.
redbaron2010-12-12 10:44:31 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Cbear

and the ref was clueless.

And that part is what killed me!! I was really shocked when the 3rd round even started.
BulldogWrestler2010-12-12 12:03:39 +0000 #6
The guy wanted to stop, and went to the other corner. I thought I overheard his corner saying "You're going back in!" so it wouldn't surprise me if the ref wanted to stop it and the corner protested enough to get another round.

The first time that guy had trouble standing up though, I would have stopped it.

Class act by Barboza for not rushing in and beating the **** out of the guy the first time a leg kick dropped him though.

Barboza was clearly out of that guy's league - which is why I refer to him as "that guy"



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