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M-1 Status: Pathetic

sportsgenius862011-02-20 22:12:02 +0000 #1

This is the most hilariously awful thing I've ever read.

Apparently Silva used forbidden psychological technology because Fedor seemed different in the cage.

You cannot make this crap up.
Iron Maiden2011-02-20 22:23:28 +0000 #2
I can't think of a better word than scum. Nasty Russian leeches.
Iron Maiden2011-02-20 22:50:23 +0000 #3

- Does it concern you that Silva was 10 kg heavier in the day of the fight, how can you explain such a tremendous weight-gain?

- Of course it amazed us. Think about it, how can the normal human-being gain 10 kg in 24 hours? There is something fishy here. The truth is, all our fighters, I am talking about Russian fighters here, that are fighting under M-1, train on their natural abilities. Of course, they take vitamins, but that's it. At the same time, all the foreign fighters, I think about 99% of them, are taking chemicals. Obviously it was not a problem for Silva to make a weight. He weighted 264 pounds in the day of the weigh-ins, and the next day, he was already over 280, he gained 10 kg...Its very hard to fight with opponent like this.

Apparently he forgot about Ivan Drago.
Iron Maiden2011-02-20 23:17:17 +0000 #4
You know, the more I read of that pathetic interview the more sick to my stomach I got. What a bunch of slimy cocksuckers.

Fedor didn't do anything different in that fight than he does in any other fight, he just looked older and sloppier than usual. They act like the weight made a huge difference, well Silva was whipping his ass standing too, so what did he take magical pills that made his fists connect with Fedor's face as well?

Fedor's legacy is going to continue to take a beating as long as these piece of sh*t blood suckers are "managing" him.

I swear they're going to Sakuraba his ass.
Guilty2011-02-20 22:47:16 +0000 #5
I used to think the "they want us to build them an arena" thing was bull**** Dana was throwing out there to discredit Fedor's people. Now I believe those crazy mother****ers actually expected Dana to build them an arena.

Psychological technology? WTFever
niniendowarrior2011-02-20 23:33:56 +0000 #6
I don't always agree with SportsGenius on his MMA wisdom... but I read this and pretty much agree that M-1 is a bunch of turd idiots.



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