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Rulon Gardner On The Biggest Loser

HISTORY2011-02-23 09:46:24 +0000 #1
Swear to god, I saw a commercial for the preview of next season's biggest loser on my TV. I don't care about that show, beaux and RJ might (sykeee) but yeah one thing that stood out...

Rulon Gardner was on it, swear to god. He weighs 475 pounds now. Guess that's what he's been doing since the Yoshida win. Funny how he was rumoured to fight Fedor in the second PRIDE Vegas card years later.

The man was an amazing wrestler an athlete and has become this? Oh man. It does seem a bit sad but funny at the same time.
Crow_Time2011-02-23 09:48:53 +0000 #2
Butterbean's twin.
HISTORY2011-02-23 10:08:30 +0000 #3
Well no shit, sad a good wrestler got that fat.
asugar2011-02-23 10:43:44 +0000 #4
See my avatar?

Karelin. Possibly the best wrestler of all time on top of being in contention for one of the most physically gifted athletes of all time, and to top it all off he has got to be in the running for scariest looking bastard ever.

He not only went 13 years without losing, he had a 6 year streak of not giving up a single point, had 9 gold medals in the greco-roman world championships, and got 3 gold medals in the four olympics he competed in, with the only non-gold being a silver to...Rulon.

Is it comparable to, say, ken norton beating ali, due to both ali and karelin being out of their prime? Absolutely.

It is also comparable to, say, raping 2 bears at once so well that they make you breakfast in the morning...but that isn't all the hardcore shit Rulon did (and yes, again, beating Karelin is bad ass, even though I devoted much more time describing karelin so far. That's because although Rulon is a BAMF, karelin is the kind of guy they can't make a biography movie about him because people couldn't fathom that much awesome being actually real)...Rulon hasn't just survived, but thrived in a world that seems bound to destroy him.

He got shot with an arrow when he was a kid, he got stranded in the wilderness after his snowmachine broke down in the middle of nowhere, which caused him to get frostburn sever enough that they had to amputate toes/foot (which happened BEFORE his bronze medal win, but after his gold.), he got hit by a car while driving his motorcycle about 5 years ago, and to top it all off he survived a fucking plane crash.

If that isn't bad ass enough for you jaded motherfuckers, he crashed into water. Water that was very far away from shore and very, very cold (44 degrees is what the news report I just looked up said), which meant that he had to swim a very long distance in water so cold that it causes potentially-fatal hypothermia in about 30 minutes. Which he did. FOR AN HOUR.

To top that off? Motherfucker and his two friends didn't have a tent or any other form of shelter on the shore. They spent the entire night uncovered after swimming for an hour in lethally cold water.

Overall point?

Well, points:

1. I know a lot about wrestlers and I like to show off


2. Rulon shouldn't have to need the biggest loser. He's survived and accomplished so much shit, and he can't keep his weight in check when he obviously wants to? What the fuck?

Being fat isn't a physical disease, it is a product of laziness and/or gluttony, which means it can be "beaten" by willpower, IE eating right and exercising, the most underrated diet plan.

Misfortune can make you stronger or weaker depending on how you respond to it. I'm suddenly not sure what his did to him.
asugar2011-02-23 11:21:36 +0000 #5
Seriously, look at karelin.

A close up of the last one, so sensitive people look away:

Karelin in his prime could have mopped the floor with god himself, if god had decided to put on a singlet and challenge him.

Video From YouTube:(link)
HISTORY2011-02-23 11:57:12 +0000 #6
Okay the second last picture of Karelin you posted made me laugh like shit, and to top it off how you said "sensitive people look away" made me almost cry in laughter.



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