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MFC 28 (Spoilers? I guess? Why would anyone watch this on delay?)

bhorrrr2011-03-02 06:16:24 +0000 #1
it was a decent enough event for a bored night, but i mostly wanted to start the thread to post this:

that's dwayne lewis after his bout with ryan jimmo. that picture doesn't even do it justice, but i can't find a better one yet, and you get the idea. the skin stretched so tightly over the hematoma that it looked clear. it was like a blister, but filled with blood instead of delici.. i mean disgusting white pus. those are never pretty, and i've seen ones much bigger, but this one definitely looked all-time "most likely to explode at any second."

[edit: at this point, i apparently decided to do a short write-up of the event. not sure why, as you've no reason to care at all, but it's already written now, so here it is. i'd stop here if i were you. these fights do NOT matter.]

as far as the fight, the first two rounds were fairly boring. not extremely boring. they didn't totally just stare at each other, but both guys were clearly very wary of the other's power. there were several very tentative exchanges of leg kicks, several minutes of FIERCE staring, a few flurries thrown, but whoever was throwing it mostly missed because the other guy was lyusive (see what i did there? eh? eh?). jimmo had lewis's side discolored and his lead leg not just purple, but actually bleeding, from inside leg kicks, but he wouldn't go back to them enough to really take lewis out for fear of getting countered while throwing the kicks. in the third, jimmo landed a takedown, took lewis's back, and started to pound away at lewis's [mostly guarded] face. when lewis looked up, that was there. the fight was stopped when the ref saw it and called on a doctor, who didn't exactly need a medical degree to know to stop it. it was jimmo's first non-decision win in 3 years and his 14th in a row after losing his debut. he's now the mfc light heavyweight champ. it was never clarified whether an incidental headbutt or the gnp caused it. i'd guess headbutt, but i didn't actually see it, so i dunno.

as for the rest of the event:

matt veach got absolutely taken to school (bjj class, specifically) against drew fickett, who landed a SWEET high guard-to-gogo-to-armbar transition in just 36 seconds. fickett looks to have recovered from his recent 2-8 stretch, which seems to have been fueled by a lot of alcohol combined with him fighting in the wrong weight class.

richie whitson and curtis demarce had a pretty awesome slugfest, which whitson took by split decision with two 29-28's and a 29-29. the first and last round were decisive with demarce taking the first and whitson taking the last. the second had demarce controlling the majority of the round striking and taking whitson's back for a brief period, but whitson landed a nice headkick towards the end of the round. it didn't knock demarce down, but it rocked him badly enough that he had to go for a takedown, which he failed at, ending up on his back at the horn.

some people score that a round for demarce, some people say whitson "stole" it. i like the judge that gave it a 10-10, but would've given it to demarce if there was a "must win" scenario. fight of the night, regardless. also, whitson was really bloody. there was a humorous sequence where the fight went to the ground directly in front of the voice and fwank and the camera caught both guys backing their chairs away from blood splatter.

4-1 prospect sheldon westcott took a reasonable step up in competition in taking on the veteran wildman, thomas denny. denny's no world-beater, but he's definitely dangerous for young guys. westcott, fighting in front of his home crowd who LOVED him, absolutely blitzed and dominated denny in the first, getting a probably deserved 10-8 on two judges' scorecards. however, the young'n tired himself out and lost the second and third rounds. he spent about 4:30 minutes of the third in a thomas denny body triangle taking shots to the head, but denny never quiiiiite found the choke.

one judge scored it 29-28 westcott, giving him the first and second. one gave it the very rare, but not totally unjustifiable 28-27 for denny, giving denny scores of 8-10, 10-9, and 10-8. the third judge scored it a 29-29 draw, giving westcott a 10-8 in the first the next two to denny 10-9. so the combined result was a split draw.

one can only IMAGINE the anticipation for a rematch between such huge names as sheldon westcott and thomas "wildman" denny, but it looks like that's what we're getting. in all seriousness, though, it should be pretty entertaining. westcott should crush him if he learns not to be so reckless with a 40+ fight veteran, but i'm not sure he will. he just seemed really cocky.

and in the only other fight i saw (tuned in a little late), the man with one of the best/worst nicknames in all of mma, rodney "sho nuff tha masta" wallace was absolutely dominated by emanuel newton. the fight was mostly wallace on his back looking for subs (who knew he knew anything about kimuras, leglocks, triangles, or armbars? much less ALL of them?). newton had a couple slams and a few flying right hands. it was kinda sorta like a minor league fedor-nog combined with a minor league rampage-arona. eventually, in the second, newton took wallace's back when wallace tried to scramble to his feet. newton went for a rnc and wallace was tapping before it was even in place. kinda weird, but whatever.

(i know that a simple fighter search shows that wallace has one win by kimura and one by armbar, but i always thought of him as just a brawler. specifically, a prison brawler. apparently, he knows a little more than that.)

if you're looking for a few decent fights to pass the time, i'd recommend it. if you're not interested in watching because no one on this show outside of possibly jimmo, whitson, and demarce is a real prospect, then i can't blame you.

and this is the second friday night in a row i've watched an event no one cares about and am not totally sure why.

MrOpinion20112011-03-02 06:29:55 +0000 #2
nasty.. gotta find a pic taken from other side i tried lookin
Ash2011-03-02 06:31:54 +0000 #3
Sweet, I had money on Whitson. I actually forgot this was tonight.
bhorrrr2011-03-02 07:15:59 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Ash

Sweet, I had money on Whitson. I actually forgot this was tonight.

whitson seems pretty good for a 25 year old. isn't he a student under your least favorite person on earth of all-time, though?

(not to you in particular) demarce might be a decent prospect, too. his 10-8 record isn't impressive, but he started 3-7, so it seems obvious that he started too early in his training. he's 7-1 since then. and that 1 (last night) was a really, really close one.
Ash2011-03-02 07:20:55 +0000 #5
He used to train under Dan, no idea whether he still does or not. I just saw his fight in my sport book, saw he was a slight dog, and I know he can fight so I put 2 bets on him and came up green.

I look forward to watching this later on, I'll throw my $0.02 in as well.
Onion2011-03-02 07:36:03 +0000 #6
Jimmo is a local fighter from down the road in Saint John. Good to see him win again and again, but he is boring as ****.



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