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UFCs to start airing an hour earlier (9pm EST)

Onion2011-03-11 16:24:31 +0000 #1
So, starting at UFC 129, UFC PPVs are going to begin airing an hour earlier at 9pm EST.

What do you think of this?

Here on the East Coast, I like it as they start at 11pm Atlantic time and end at close to 2am. Starting at 11pm, and ending at 12:45am would mean still time to go out to the bars.
BruceLee2011-03-11 16:27:58 +0000 #2
Seems kind of weird.

I think that's way too early for the West Coast and it also overlaps with the dinner crowd at BW3, etc. elsewhere in the country.
scrove2011-03-11 16:58:10 +0000 #3
Unless they go from 8-midnight Central, I don't like this.
Cbear2011-03-11 16:53:21 +0000 #4
so that means in Central time the face book starts at 6pm, the ion/spike at 7 pm and ppv at 8 pm. Eh, I'm ok with it since I can go hear live music after the ppv is over.
Best80smovieRAD2011-03-11 17:44:40 +0000 #5
i don't like it, i think it was timed perfectly

is this really official and not just a one time deal for the canada event??
LordZardoz2011-03-11 17:32:28 +0000 #6
Probably a good business call for the UFC given that not everyone wants their night of UFC events to wrap up past 1:00 am.

Being on the west coast though, it is a bit less convenient, but not ruinously so. The PPV events already dominate a large portion of the weekends they happen in, moving it down an hour wont change much.




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