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ESPN P4P ratings

split decision2011-03-14 18:21:07 +0000 #1
ESPN has posted its pound for pound ratings. Notice that all 10 fighters are from UFC.

Who's missing from the list? Perhaps a case could be made for Nick Diaz ahead of Shields or Maynard. Otherwise, the UFC is pretty damn dominant.

1) Anderson Silva - UFC

2) Georges St. Pierre - UFC

3) Jose Aldo - UFC

4) Frankie Edgar - UFC

5) Mauricio Rua - UFC

6) Dominick Cruz - UFC

7) Cain Velasquez - UFC

8) Jon Jones - UFC

9) Jake Shields - UFC

10) Gray Maynard - UFC
bhorrrr2011-03-14 18:27:17 +0000 #2
nah.. i'd take the names on shields resume over those of diaz's.

pretty safe list. 7 champs and 3 #1 contenders. i've got no real qualms. i miiiiight put fitch and jds over shields and bones, but i wouldn't get hostile about it.
Ash2011-03-14 18:37:40 +0000 #3
The top 7 looks fine I guess. How can Jones be a top P4P guy when he cuts so much weight to make 205? Seems almost exactly the opposite of what a P4P list is supposed to represent. Then again, P4P is stupid. Shields isn't one of the top 3/5 guys in either of his weight classes IMO, so I'm not sure how he makes it on. Eh, whatever. P4P lists are always like this, you have the top 7 spots being filled with the champs, and then 3 guys being thrown in seemingly at random.
BulldogWrestler2011-03-14 18:37:52 +0000 #4
I don't think you can make a case for Diaz. He isn't really up there with his lack of competition as of late and the losses he has in his career.

List is pretty solid. I'd make a case for Frankie Edgar over Aldo (simply based on Frankie's big wins) but I understand how hard that is to do with Edgar coming off a draw to a guy who he lost to.

The problem with guys outside of the UFC is that a lot of them are saddled with weak competition and then they'll have a blemish on their record. Melendez is a great example. I think he's one of the best pound for pound fighters in the world, but he has 2 losses (even though he got those back) and, with the competition he's faced (i.e. fighters outside of the UFC who, while ranked, are tough for people from places like ESPN to correctly judge) - those losses really knock him down a notch.

Personally, I think Melendez is in the top 10. Probably over Maynard and Shields. Probably over Jones too.

In any case, that's just an example of how a loss outside of the UFC can really hurt your chances of getting ranked in these kinds of polls.
Tallica19812011-03-14 20:10:54 +0000 #5
Gil melendez should probably be on there. 18-2 with both losses having been avenged.
tyrannor2011-03-14 20:23:04 +0000 #6
Edgar and Maynard ranked so far apart? Is it because Edgar does not cut weight? I thought these choices were made considering only the weight class, not how much they cut.



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