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What factors determine which PPV events you will buy?

LordZardoz2011-03-16 01:22:07 +0000 #1
I was about to ask Werewolf this question in the Zuffa buying UFC thread, but hell, its probably worth a thread all its own.

A fair point, and entirely reasonable.

Right now I am inclined to buy / watch whatever crap the UFC happens to toss up into PPV, but that is as much a side effect of being able to afford it without any real difficulty as much as anything else. If cash were tighter for me I would probably re-evaluate my '**** it I can afford it and I am not doing anything else this weekend' buying strategy.

So what is it that makes or breaks the decision to buy a PPV for you?

As a secondary question, what factors will make a given PPV worth watching vs not watching (for that non trivial segment of the board that tends to watch illegal streams more often then not).

For myself, the following would be the buy / don't buy factors if I needed to be more selective in my PPV habits for MMA.

- Any title fight for Heavyweight, Light Heavyweight, Middleweight, or Welterweight belts.

- Any main card featuring high level fighters with a primary skill base that is NOT a combination of Wrestling / Boxing / BJJ.

- Main Cards featuring at least 2 fighters I specifically like.


Iron Maiden2011-03-16 01:33:19 +0000 #2
Generally, it takes only one solid fight on the card for me to buy it. If the name Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, or something like that is the main event, I pass on it.

If Wand,BJ Penn,GSP,Shogun,etc are headlining, I'll buy it every time.
LordZardoz2011-03-16 02:11:52 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Iron Maiden

Generally, it takes only one solid fight on the card for me to buy it. If the name Jake Shields, Jon Fitch, or something like that is the main event, I pass on it.

If Wand,BJ Penn,GSP,Shogun,etc are headlining, I'll buy it every time.

That is a bit thin to go on, and here is why.

Lets say your looking at the following as a main card?

Main Card:

Jake Shields vs Jon Fitch (main event)

Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos

Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida

Jeff Monson vs James Tehuna

Wanderlei Silva vs Kyle Noke

I would think that is something like 2 fights you would kill to see, 1 main event you might want to kill yourself for having seen it come to pass, and one event that you would probably argue is a waste of everyones time and barely fit for a prelim card. My guess is that you actually buy the card and then leave before the main event comes on.

So in your case, buying a PPV is determined entirely on someone you actually want to watch fight. In that case, what would actually attract you to pay attention to a new fighter and add it to that list of those you want to watch fight?

Loot2011-03-16 01:36:32 +0000 #4
I watch every card in some fashion...I think the #1 factor that influences if I buy, go to the bar, or watch through other means is just my schedule. If I'm really busy I will watch it through other means on Sunday or later in the week. If I have Saturday night open but a busy Sunday I'll usually buy it at home. If I have a nice weekend open I'll probably catch it at the bar unless we have something bigger and better planned.

The other factors that influence my decision include who is fighting in the main event/co-main event and what type of fight I expect. In terms of who is fighting, Lesnar and Silva fights tend to be fun at the bar. The interest those two guys generate with the casual fan brings about a certain energy at the bar, which makes it preferable for me. Rampage has a similar following, as did Couture at one time. Also, I remember that Mirko had that same type of interest for his fight with Sanchez, and the bar was a great place to watch that fight. For something like Penn/Fitch, I'd rather be at home where it is quieter so that I can pay attention to more specific aspects of the fight.
thelegend2011-03-16 01:58:52 +0000 #5
If the PPV has a few fights that interest me on the card I stay up and watch it live (2am till 6am, including prelims) if it is a weaker card I will normally dvr it and watch it the following morning.

However, I am in the luxury position along with Jay and Dwarf of Doom, that due to living in the UK we get every UFC show (PPV and otherwise) for the costly sum of £13 a month ($25)

The downside of living in the UK is that we don't get Bellator (this annoys me as I love watching it and only ever get sh!t downloads if it) and since channel Bravo shut down I don't think they show SF anymore (this may change given the last few days revelations)
Achillles412011-03-16 03:39:04 +0000 #6
I don't have the luxury of buying the PPVs because there isn't anywhere on campus where that would even be possible, so I have to watch all the events at a bar, which is one hell of a proposition because I'm out in the boondocks without a car, so to watch an event I have to find a ride miles out to a bar and back and actually find someone who wants to go with which can be near impossible.

That said, I watch fight based on exciting title matchups. If there aren't any exciting title matchups then there better be one hell of a spectacular fight in the card to make me go through all that to watch it. But if I had a TV and cable in my house and I had any extra money I would spend that extra money buying every card.

I also go out of my way to watch heavyweight matchups. I'm a heavyweight, so I'm biased.



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