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Old Guard: How do you feel Pride's 10-minute first round affected the fight?

Jester2011-04-01 07:26:44 +0000 #1
I missed the entire Pride era. I didn't know it existed until it was done and was only just tuning into UFC at that point. But lately I've been starting to Tivo the Best of Pride Fighting Championships that keep playing on Spike AND IT'S AWESOME. It's really kind of a different animal. The ring, obviously, and the crowd, and some of the moves, and other stuff. But I also often notice what feels like a different pace and I wonder if it's that 10 minute first round. At first I was sometimes kind of bored with it in less explosive fights, because the crowd was nearly silent and it almost seemed like some kind of demo instead of a real fight. But now I'm starting to appreciate that different feel. And then you throw in some of the crazy fights and seeing people like Cro Cop and Wandy and Rampage in their prime and damn. I can really see how people would have gotten hooked on this. It would have been fun to follow and to anticipate big fights.

But I'm just wondering what some of the longtime mma fans think about how that 10 minute round changed the nature of Pride fights vs. UFC fights (or maybe it didn't). I have to think this was a point of debate here back in the days I've heard referred to when there was a Pride camp and a UFC camp here. Talk to me. How did it change game plans and conditioning and whatever else? Were you glad to see it go or did you prefer it to 5-5-5(-5-5)? If so, why?

EDIT: Holy ****. Look how skinny Overeem is in there with Chuck. Roiiiids!

Shamrocked2011-04-01 07:30:17 +0000 #2
I've always preferred (almost) everything about Pride to the UFC. I think it's common for a fighters to take the first three or four minutes of a fight to feel each other out, and consequently by the time the fight just begins to heat up in a five minute opening round it's time for the break. I liked the ten minute opener, because it gave guys time to find their pace and get some work done before round two. I also like that it exposed guys who didn't put the work in cardio wise. If you weren't prepared to go the distance you were forced to make every effort to end the fight early or face gassing before round two. In today's UFC if you're not in shape and your opponent doesn't push the pace early it's easy to coast through the first round.
Shamrocked2011-04-01 07:40:56 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Jester

Holy ****. Look how skinny Overeem is in there with Chuck. Roiiiids!

Um....ya think?
Jester2011-04-01 08:07:44 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Shamrocked

Um....ya think?

Yeah I had seen Hulk Reem and understood that everyone said he was on roids, but I had never seen the skinny version of him before and it's really dramatic. I dislike the skinny one worse than the Hulk one. He has a Berenstein Bears face, except smug.
Shamrocked2011-04-01 08:14:48 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Jester

I dislike the skinny one worse than the Hulk one. He has a Berenstein Bears face, except smug.

Yeah he did! He looked like a skinny, Berenstein Bear with a giant, wooden hammer. Now he just looks like a huge, roided douche.
Achillles412011-04-01 08:58:05 +0000 #6
The only thing that I liked about Pride that I think would make a great addition to the UFC were yellow cards. They added an extra piece of excitement to boring fights and they were good motivators for action IMO. The ten minute opening round seemed to make guys pace themselves and I think it made the fight slower. IM makes a point about the feeling out period in the first round, but I've seen enough wild and action packed first rounds in the UFC to think that the feeling out period is three to four minutes. It lasts up until about the first exchange, and that can happen ten seconds into a round or ten minutes into a round.

I absolutely abhor the ring. It allowed people to get cornered so that the shape of the ring played a factor in the fights, guys would get pushed through the ropes, fights would get stopped to be moved back to center, it has sliced a few ears off, its just an overall inferior setting for a fight to a cage except that it gave the audience a slightly better view of the fight. The entrances for Pride fights were over the top and watching them they are wild spectacles, but kinda lame. The fight should be the entertainment, not the entrance. Although Pride Lady was awesome.

I also kinda enjoy freakshow matches and I am sad that as MMA moves into the mainstream we completely lose out on mismatches and stupid meaningless fights between people who don't belong in the ring. Pride was always good for that.

Judging in Pride was even worse than it is in the UFC, which is crazy, but true. Gaijin sure as hell better get a finish.



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