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Bellator FW: Strauss/Malegarie FOTY?

fightfan802011-04-06 00:38:52 +0000 #1
Just watched this on DVR. Probably the best fight I've seen this year. Anyone agree?
Ash2011-04-06 00:50:49 +0000 #2
I agree it was a very good fight, but not the best I've seen this year. I can definitely see why this fight didn't get much attention though: it's a Bellator fight, for starters, between two guys most people have never heard of, and it wasn't a slugfest or a bloodbath. But, going into the fight it really did have many elements that would make a good fight; two guys with good records, in good shape, that have well rounded skills, and the fight actually meant something.

I think the main difference in this fight was the fact that Straus was so much more explosive and athletic than Malagarie. Not that Malagarie was fighting at a snail's pace, but he was definitely more methodical and that resulted in him coming up short in a few key places during the fight. When he had the body triangle in the first round which Straus powered out of, when Straus swept him in the 2nd or 3rd round (can't remember which), when Straus picked him up and slammed him, Straus hit a Judo throw, etc. Malagarie was really effective when he would tie up with Straus and slow the pace of the fight down since he seemed to be the superior grappler, but Straus was able to break free too frequently for him to take the 2nd or 3rd rounds.

Malagarie's style of fighting reminded me alot of Wilson Reis or even Marcus Aurelio in the sense that he seems to be skilled in all areas of fighting, but his more methodical approach to fighting may hurt him against the more explosive/athletic opponents.



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