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Rap about Fedor Emelianenko and mixfight (Shaman - Last Emperror)

Shaman2011-04-12 08:14:21 +0000 #1
TEXT translate (google):

Looking calm, this is a great warrior!

He proved both by word and fight,

He became a hero, an idol of millions.

He was born for the championship belt!

Eight corners of the ring, mesh, backlit,

Today in hell anyone will be in this cage!

Inhale, exhale, blow a sure

Right on the head! As in Russian roulette ...

Stand up to the very end, when there is no person

When the hands are heavier than lead,

When the victory is not hard to believe:

This hero of the nation! This is a fighter from the Creator.

He won the hearts, made the crowd roar -

Thunderstorm Pride, Russian bear,

It's death and west as in the throat com:

This is a Grand Master! Fedor Emelianenko!


If there is a fight, will NMS need

Two Soldiers within the ring

Until the very end ...

They will not stop ...

They will not stop!


On the chest of a wooden cross, no seats in the stands:

This is King of the Ring, this Best of the Best,

This is a test, it's news, it's advantage,

It's Real Rap from North-West!

It's a fight! This is an enemy. This is a fist

This attack, this courage, this sold-out, e!

This pile bubble, it's the evil empire,

But it's glory and the Russian flag!

This is hell! The battle of man against man -

Plague of each century.

Gape and immediately cripple

This defeat is a victory ...

This award is not just a medal:

Something that never, not sink in years!

Beats fly like the wind.

Jab, jab, hook, knock ... Beauty!


Strikes as a vermin aspen stake,

It is our conditioning, it Stary Oskol.

This is a record. This is the way to the top,

Behind the backs of God's Faith and Volk Han.

Grabbing, throwing, pain, gong.

Morale and years of training.

Non-stop punching each block

Stronger than a hammer, bysree than the sword!

Exhale. Bear attack caught

And the enemy fell back on the floor.

You blew up a room, like TNT,

You were and will remain number 1.

Shaman2011-04-12 08:18:46 +0000 #2
You can listen it here:



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