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Cote's back!

Cbear2011-04-14 02:23:46 +0000 #1
The fight of the Century took place Saturday night when Patrick "the Predator" Cote took on Kalib "the Running Man" Starnes. Cote use his much feared ko striking power to eek out a decision win over the fasted backwards sprinter in the sport. The Predator says he wants to be back in the UFC by years end and with this awesome victory Dana is sure to jump at the chance to re-sign Patrick.

Cote's back!

Tony Montana sheds a tear of joy.....
Cbear2011-04-14 02:37:08 +0000 #2
Seriously, Cote couldn't finish the most scared man in all of mma?

KnockOut2011-04-14 03:07:25 +0000 #3
I always like Cote and would like to see him pop back up in UFC or SF.
Tallica19812011-04-14 03:38:41 +0000 #4
He'd be a nice catch for bellator. He doesn't excite me in the UFC.
Onion2011-04-14 03:55:00 +0000 #5
This was the fight I was most interested in when I woke up this morning. I tried to find it onlone before I searched for Strikeforce, but couldn't find it at the time and had to rely on Sherdog to find out that Cote won.

I thought it was funny the fight was on PPV. The Fight Network aired the prelims, lol.
HappyThrower2011-04-14 04:24:22 +0000 #6
why hasnt strikforce signed him? its not like they have depth or something....



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