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Bellator 48 Discussion Thread: Curran vs. Sandro, Konrad vs. Buentello

RayHui2011-08-24 06:22:24 +0000 #1
The lineup for this Saturday's Bellator 48:

Featherweight Tournament Final: Pat Curran vs. Marlon Sandro

Heavyweight bout: Cole Konrad vs. Paul Buentello

Heavyweight bout: Ricco Rodriguez vs. Seth Petruzelli

Lightweight bout: Juan Barrantes vs. Renê Nazare

9pm Eastern/8pm Central
BulldogWrestler2011-08-24 06:25:15 +0000 #2
Curran/Sandro should be a great fight and if Curran can win - it'll be a HUGE boost to his credibility as a top tier fighter.

Konrad should be able to move up against Buentello too - although I have a feeling he's just going to take Buentello down and beat on him there.

I'm absolutely astounded that Petruzelli is fighting HW against Ricco.
greatjake2011-08-24 07:03:15 +0000 #3
i think pat curran is as legit as they come. i expect a war but i see him getting past sandro and then crushing warren becoming a mainstay for bellator as the FW champ.
Cbear2011-08-24 07:12:59 +0000 #4
The main event will deliver.

The rest is questionable
speaknspell2011-08-24 08:09:09 +0000 #5
God, this fight is so hard to call. I've changed my mind 3 times. At the moment I'm leaning toward Sandro.
split decision2011-08-24 08:11:18 +0000 #6
I'm favouring Sandro as well, but a damn close fight.



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