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Shinya Aoki vs Eddie Alvarez II to be at Bellator

Best80smovieRAD2011-08-28 06:32:27 +0000 #1
bloody elbow


A few months after his DREAM.17 bout this September, Shinya Aoki, who has moved his training camp out of Japan and into the Evolve MMA gym in Singapore, is likely to fight outside of Asia once again. Bellator lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez has been asking for a rematch against Aoki for quite some time now, and it looks like he's finally going to get his request.

The two met on Japan's New Year's Eve show almost three years ago, with Aoki only needing a minute and 32 seconds to lock in a submission. has confirmed with credible sources close to the situation that the rematch is indeed underway, and will this time, be contested in Bellator. The deal hasn't been signed, although verbal agreements from DREAM and Bellator, along with both Aoki and Alvarez are in place.

Bellator has been notorious for having title contenders go through tournaments, but the promotion could make an exception when their title holder faces the DREAM lightweight champ in Aoki. The sources, who wished to remain anonymous due to the ongoing negotiations, mentioned that while things haven't been finalized, the Bellator lightweight championship that Alvarez holds is likely to be defended.

Tony Loiseleur was the first to report on the match up, stating that the bout is in the works for a 2012 clash.

Onion2011-08-28 06:39:31 +0000 #2
I hope Alvarez smashes him!
Tallica19812011-08-28 06:44:45 +0000 #3
We'll see if this happens. If it does, i think Eddie takes it this time.
Roundhouse2011-08-28 07:43:22 +0000 #4
Great fight for Bellator! I agree, Eddie takes it this time.
LordZardoz2011-08-28 07:19:56 +0000 #5
I think Aoki can win this fight. I think it depends on how much Aoki's current training partners at Evolve MMA are forcing Aoki to deal with getting hit.

After the Aoki fight, Alvarez won his next 5 fights with a submission. Of his 11 prior wins to that fight 2 were decision and the other 9 wins were TKO or KO wins. That tells me that getting his foot cranked by Aoki managed to get pretty deep into his head, and that he started training his submission grappling much more after that. To my mind that is a good sign for Eddies chances in a rematch.

Eddie likes to hit people and Aoki does not like being hit very much. If Eddie can make the fight look like a replay of the Gilbert Melendez fight, Eddie will get the win. But if Aoki can turn it into a grappling match, I think Aoki wins again.

PITTFOX2011-08-28 08:12:39 +0000 #6
Aoki schooled Alvarez last time. Brought people back down to earth on the Alvarez hype train, but I think he'll beat Aoki this time.



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