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Mephisto2011-08-29 21:22:10 +0000 #1
I think it's fairly safe to think that the US and Brazil will be #1 and #2 in the UFC for quite some time. England and Canada seem to be vying for #3 and #4, and will probably continue to outpace Japan who will be stuck at #5 for awhile. GSP and Bisping are definitely responsible for the growth of MMA in their repective nations and the number of fighters in the UFC from each place seems to reflect that. The real question is: what of the #6 through #10 seem to be the best places for real growth? I'd venture Sweden, Poland, and Croatia are all poised for heavy growth in MMA. What blows me away when I see the nation list, is that Stefan Struve is the ONLY Dutch fighter currently in the UFC. You'd think a country that supplies so many high quality K1 fighters that some of them would crossover into MMA as it becomes more popular in Europe. Another thought to consider: in five years, could there be more South Korean than Japanese fighters in the UFC?



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