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Jake Shields dad dead. Will Shields pull out of his fight vs Ellenberger?

LordZardoz2011-08-31 06:25:58 +0000 #1

Considering how close the fight night is, I think he may pull out. No matter what you think of Shield's skillset and approach to MMA, losing someone like that sucks.

Loot2011-08-31 06:31:11 +0000 #2
Can't say I'm a Shields fan, but my best goes out to him and his family. He has every right to pull out, and if he does I won't lose any respect for him at all.
Ash2011-08-31 06:35:01 +0000 #3
He better not pull out, I have big money on Ellenberger!
LordZardoz2011-08-31 07:40:03 +0000 #4
The Shields vs Ellenberger fight night card is September 17th. Aside from the 'it was his Dad' issue, the two were close. Shields dad acted as his manager. No one goes into business with family unless they are close. Between preparing for the fight, dealing with the funeral and family issues, and sorting out any unfinished manager type business, it is a hell of a lot to deal with.

18 days to deal with this kind of a personal issue makes it untenable. If he does decide to stay in the fight, there is no way his head will be where he needs it to be.

Onion2011-08-31 07:20:06 +0000 #5
Didn't his old man come out of the woodwork once he got famous, or do I have that wrong??

EDIT: I had that wrong.

IIRC from the Prime Time or Countdown show that his father left when he was a lil kid, but came back into life while he was an early teen.
greatjake2011-08-31 07:40:40 +0000 #6
he should pull out. time with your family is extremely important and considering

1. its his dad

2. it was said that they were very close

i would expect him to pull out of this fight. the question is who fills in for him?

i say fitch, **** his only fight champs or former champs bull****



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