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There are reports that Overeem has signed with the UFC

LordZardoz2011-09-07 21:21:44 +0000 #1

A few sites are reporting it, but no official confirm yet that I have seen, however, it fits with current rumors.

Cbear2011-09-07 21:37:56 +0000 #2
As king mo said, strike force is a dying cancer patient so this only makes sense.
BBHitman2011-09-07 22:06:41 +0000 #3
Done deal. Being reported on bleacher report now too so it passed the reliability test.
greatjake2011-09-07 21:32:49 +0000 #4
It will be good to see they best of SF try to prove themselves in the UFC. What Mo said is true, the death of SF is inevitable but at least the worthy fighters will be absorbed
Best80smovieRAD2011-09-07 22:29:45 +0000 #5
Overeem vs Mir, Brock gets winner
LordZardoz2011-09-07 21:49:11 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Best80smovieRAD

Overeem vs Mir, Brock gets winner

That probably fits. The real question is when do they do Overeem vs Mir?




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