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cheeto1012011-09-20 05:28:20 +0000 #1
So im browsing around, which lets you see US data on unique visitors to websites and I decide to check out how our site compares to everyone else. When I first got into UFC, sherdog seemed to be the king of mmawebsites in NA and I wondered if it was still the case. Turns out it isn't. In fact, while the UFC statistically has more unique vistors then over the past year, we have beaten them on the odd months here or there lately. And isn't even close.

Some statistics for the month of July - 905,543 unique visitors - 818,719 unique visitors - 282,013

and our little forum? - 19,890.........SO MANY LURKERS!!!! No wonder our forum goes down. We have like 30 regulars tops, but in July we had almost 20,000 unique visitors here.

Another interesting thing I saw was while and Sherdog's popularity over the past year has been steadily decreasing,'s has actually been going up. Our forum's on the other hand has been holding steady.

If you guys want to see the graphs, links are below. Im too lazy to post pics

Guilty2011-09-20 05:35:49 +0000 #2
You're welcome AOL! Now give us a forum that doesn't crash
BulldogWrestler2011-09-20 05:52:05 +0000 #3
When people google "MMA" or "Mixed Martial Arts" - I'd imagine pops up before most of the others.

Good to hear though
Snapcat2011-09-20 06:16:45 +0000 #4
Can I get a white belt now?
ParallelCactus2011-09-20 06:53:58 +0000 #5
yeah the way i found this site yrs ago was i literally typed in best mma messageboard. i lurked under a different name forever. now im here mon through wen and sometimes on the weekend. id be here during events also but well we all know thats fruitless.
seansloan2011-09-20 07:51:26 +0000 #6
I'm still waiting for my first fan letter



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