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Rate UFC 135 Bones/Rampage

Cbear2011-09-27 02:42:35 +0000 #1
Do the drill
krazo1012011-09-27 02:50:18 +0000 #2
Down. A card full of fights that belonged on the undercard followed by a sour main event and co-main makes me glad I didn't pay for the PPV.
Cbear2011-09-27 03:30:17 +0000 #3
I almost voted thumbs down but I did enjoy Hunt showing off his BJJ mastery

Gomi sucked. The first heavyweight fight sucked.

Hunt/Rothwell was only saved from sucking by Hunts ground antics. Hughes destroyed was a downer. Rampage destroyed was a downer.
Skinny2011-09-27 03:57:15 +0000 #4
Josh might have punk-tuated Matt's career - awesome.

Rampage gets beaten decisively by Jones - excellent.

The rest was okay doh-kay.

Good 'nuff for upper thumbs.
PITTFOX2011-09-27 03:11:38 +0000 #5
Diaz/Gomi was awesome, Jones/Rampage was awesome, Hughes/Koscheck was good. The HW's were complete garbage though.
bhorrrr2011-09-27 05:05:41 +0000 #6
loved diaz-gomi even though it was pretty uncompetitive. can't deny that i loved watching bones-rampage, though i'll never admit it again after this post (it was ****ing entertaining, goddamnit!). LOVED hunt-rothwell for reasons that i can't really even begin to fathom, just enjoyed the **** out of it. loved hughes looking really good against kos until the end of the round. hated browne-rotten. neither of those guys should ever be on a main card again.

based on that paragraph, it'd be completely hypocritical of me to give this anything but "up" even though i'm feeling more "middle".



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