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White forced to U-turn on UFC 140 announcement

tyrannor2011-10-01 01:26:27 +0000 #1
UFC president Dana White was forced to backtrack on his announcement that Lyoto Machida and Phil Davis would headline UFC 140.

Less than an hour after announcing that the light-heavyweight bout would take place in Toronto in December, White was forced to retreat after being reminded Davis is still recovering from knee sugery.

"I jumped the gun on Machida vs Davis. Just found out Davis is still recovering from knee surgery. Sorry about that!" White wrote on his Twitter page.

Davis is unbeaten in nine fights after a unanimous decision win over Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in March, which took him to five wins from five in the UFC. He was scheduled to face Rashad Evans at UFC 133, but was forced to withdraw with injury. He is yet to set a return date and admitted he knew nothing of the proposed clash against Machida.

"All of this is news to me," Davis told USA Today. "I'm still recovering and training. That's pretty much the story. I guess the boss must have looked to book me. I'm just not a go yet.

"I wasn't really involved in any of this whole story, other than I'm the guy in question. I've got to get with the guys in charge and see what they want me to do next - I'm merely one of the characters in a video game. I just run down the field. I don't call the plays.

"I would love to be in there putting on a good show and fighting, but my leg just does not agree with that. You put a timetable on it, it just may not work. You've just got to play it by ear. I don't want to tell the fans I'm going to be back next week, and then that turns into two weeks from now or two months from now."

This match up sucks IMO

dhk19802011-10-01 01:40:01 +0000 #2
yeah, it sucks for davis if it were to happen
tyrannor2011-10-01 02:07:33 +0000 #3
Sucks for Machida too, what is he going to prove by beating Davis?
split decision2011-10-01 02:14:02 +0000 #4
Really? Regardless of Dana's miscue, that was his main event for Toronto? He was just shooting his mouth off the other day about how he would deliver a top quality fight for fans in Ontario. Davis vs. Machida wouldn't be bad, but he could do better.
Ash2011-10-01 01:52:42 +0000 #5
Regardless, it seems like they're doing Machida vs. someone for that card as the main event. Can't think of who they'd use though.
Best80smovieRAD2011-10-01 02:24:12 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Ash

Regardless, it seems like they're doing Machida vs. someone for that card as the main event. Can't think of who they'd use though.

at this point, i think they'll have no choice but to go with Mir-Big Nog 2 as headliner

Forrest is the only named guy available at the moment and I don't see him taking a fight just yet but who knows. I also dont think Machida would care to fight someone off a loss. I think he is going to sit it out and wait for Davis or maybe fill in if needed for Hendo-Shogun possibly



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