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Biggest Can to Ever Fight in the UFC

kimbos grundel2011-10-30 04:34:17 +0000 #1
First - apologies if this has been done before (you can't search the word "can" because its too short)

Who is the biggest can to ever fight in the UFC? Doesn't matter if they've only fought once in the octagon. Just want to see who you saw and thought "how is this guy even allowed in the cage?" Let's try to keep it to the Zuffa era as to avoid Scott Ferrozzo's and the John Matua's of the past.

The reason I bring this up because I was watching some promos for BJ/Diaz and saw highlights from the Koji Oishi fight. I remember thinking at the time "has this guy ever fought before?" His style prompted Rogan to quip "he looks like he's on heroin."
Fuentez2011-10-30 04:38:47 +0000 #2
Sean Salmon because losing isn't good enough for him, he has to get emergency medical personnel on their toes every time he steps into the cage. He shouldn't even be licensed to fight anymore, it's not fair for a fighter to have Salmon's death on their conscience.
wgrapple2011-10-30 05:04:50 +0000 #3
Too many to name.
LordZardoz2011-10-30 05:30:07 +0000 #4
The Zuffa era is a difficult pick because from about 2007 onward, the UFC was able to pick only fighters with a winning record, so at least on paper not many can even enter the UFC as a can. Still, that is a 6 year record.

I think that there are a few types of 'tomato can' fighters.

- There are fighters that are booked way beyond their level of competition.

- There are fighters that are just not very good and only booked to lose.

The literal answer for biggest can ever: Hong Man Choi. Dude is fuxking huge. He did fight in Pride, and pride was bought by the UFC, so thatis probably the biggest can that I can think of.

But I think the best bet for biggest can is to do a search for the worst UFC win loss records. Maybe not the most losses, but perhapse the most losses in proportion to wins, and with the fewest stretches of consecutive wins. That makes Tank Abbot the biggest UFC Tomato Can fighter by most losses (10 UFC losses) but many of those are pre Zuffa.

Tito Ortiz may be the guy your looking for, but he actually held a title and had a very dominant run.

PITTFOX2011-10-30 06:05:24 +0000 #5
Sean Gannon
wgrapple2011-10-30 05:32:02 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by PITTFOX

Sean Gannon

MMA/Street fighting math

Kimbo < Sean Gannon



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