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One FC appears to be trying to co promote with every one in Asia.

LordZardoz2011-10-30 05:23:24 +0000 #1
Details here:

Right now, this sounds interesting on paper. However, I am pretty suspicious about how what will actually happen here.

If it is just a deal to let a fighter signed to organization A fight for organization B, it might work out just fine. One FC will get the help of the various other promotions in securing venues, and it can let fighters keep busy. The only complicating factor here would be dealing with the crapton of various fighter titles from each co-promoter, and possible headaches involved in getting a champion booked to a fight (ie, does it help ROAD Fighting Championship to have their champion lose a fight to someone from Juggernaut FC if the fighter for Juggernaut FC wont show up for ROAD? Eventually your either going to end up with a bunch of unified titles or you will end up with a bunch of belts that do not mean very much.

Going in the other direction though, I can see this turning into a logistical nightmare for One FC as they try end up arguing internally about where a particular fighter will show up, arguments about the revenue split, etc.

I like the idea here, but until it can be proven to work I think this is just going to be a collection of ineffective promises.


ScreamBloodyGor2011-10-30 05:39:03 +0000 #2
2nd post, I personally really enjoyed the first OneFC card, there were many great fights, although some clear mismatches, as well as main event that delivered one of my favorite fights of 2011. It is clear that what worked in Asian combat sports with Pride and K-1/Heroes ect does not work anymore. It's a broken system because the audience IS there. We are seeing this now with organizations like Dream and Sengoku. I think it's great that OneFC recognizes this and is moving forward with new ideas. Time will tell how and if this will work. With 3 cards already planned in 2012 we shall soon find out.



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