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Penn and Gracie to become one?

Dream2011-11-07 21:14:43 +0000 #1
Didn't see this coming. Not sure how I feel about it.
Tallica19812011-11-07 21:17:02 +0000 #2
I was just reading that. I'd love to see it. It might be what BJ needs to reignite his fire. I think it would be great for his cardio also. All of the top guys a Ceasar's have great cardio.
wgrapple2011-11-07 21:41:31 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Dream

Didn't see this coming. Not sure how I feel about it.

If BJ wants to continue fighting it would be a great move for him. It's not hard to comprehend that Cesar would say something like this especially after Cesar essentially was trying to sell the BJ vs. Diaz fight.
niniendowarrior2011-11-07 22:11:23 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Cesar Gracie

So it wouldn’t be me telling him, ‘Hey BJ you have to do this.’ and it’s not a nutritionist telling him something, it’s actually guys he’s training with saying ‘Hey man, why don’t you try this?’, that’s the only thing that’s going to change someone’s mind.

Nick to BJ: "Hey, have you tried this green stuff I've been smoking? It's good for you."
Vanno2011-11-07 22:34:38 +0000 #5
Oh damn, the scrap pack just got scrappier
Skinny2011-11-07 22:59:43 +0000 #6
Diaz is a tri-athalon guy. Imagine BJ having some of that stamina....?

Don't know if the coalition would make a difference but at this point it might be worth trying. Guy has to check his ego at the door. That could be tough.



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