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Tank Get Called Out

TheIcon2011-11-08 18:19:32 +0000 #1

“The bottom line is that Tank overprices himself, and he doesn’t want a real fight,” said Gunn. “The only champion he is nowadays is the champion of eating chili dogs and drinking beers.”
thelegend2011-11-08 18:24:08 +0000 #2
May I introduce you to my friend, I think you will finding uses for him in the future
TheIcon2011-11-08 18:49:26 +0000 #3
I never look there cause its too long and 75% of the posts on this message board could be classified as that
Fuentez2011-11-08 19:20:12 +0000 #4
Bad move, battery on a person 65 years old or older is a felony
TheIcon2011-11-08 18:58:02 +0000 #5
I will admit I am interested in seeing some "legit" bare knuckle fights. Gunn tried to talk it up as needing skill being able to only hit certain parts otherwise risking broken hands.
BulldogWrestler2011-11-08 18:52:14 +0000 #6
No one cares about either of these guys. If you look at the fights Tank has been taking, he is completely irrelevant to the world of MMA.



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