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***The Ultimate Jones v Machida Breakdown***

ZuZitsu2011-12-05 08:12:05 +0000 #1
I keep reading thread after thread on different forums about how Jones is gonna to do this and that to Machida but I haven't heard ANYONE say HOW or WHY it's going to happen.

So we need someone to breakdown this fight! And I am that person! You're Welcome!! =)

Probable Advantages each fighter has:




Ability to mix it up




Striking is more technical


Power in his strikes



Clinch game


X factors:

Jones has all the confidence in the world

Machida doesn't give a sh*t about Jones' confidence

Now....since this is a REAL breakdown we have to talk about particular fighting styles of each fighter.

Jones- in his last few fights he has basically been able to do whatever he wants.....which is keep distance (so he is safe from getting hit) and land kick after kick and punch after punch.

He has a great clinch game and has been able to basically take guys down at will, GnP, keep the guys down and look for submissions.

Machida- has a very unique style where he stays further away than a normal fighter when you step closer to try to close a distance a bit he beats you to the punch. Its a very difficult style to adjust to. Most fighters stay "one step" away from being able to hit his opponent, so they can take a step and punch or kick....but Machida is different!

The big questions in this fight are these....

- How is Machida's style going to effect Jones ability to use his reach and control the distance??

- Will Jones be able pick apart Machida even though Machida has the speed advantage??

- Can Jones take a clean shot from Machida?


Jones is still a rookie when it comes to striking....and like most rookies he feels more comfortable moving to his left (when standing in his orthodox stance) He will snap out his jab and move to that side. Now that is normally not the best thing to do bc most fighters are right handed and you are moving towards their power hand....however, luckily for Jones Machida is a lefty so this style might just pay off for him...bc he is moving away from Jones' left hand.

Machida's movement is MUCH better IMO than Jones! He has some of the best linear movement in the UFC, if not THE best. He will be able to beat Jones to the Jones better be careful picking his strikes!!


Jones- I think Jones knows this is his most dangerous opponent yet and he isn't going to take any chances. He should know that Machida is faster and has more power....AND is much trickier on his feet than someone like Rampage so I think Jones is going to look to take this fight to the ground as soon as possible so he can use his wrestling, GnP and submissions. Even if he can't finish him he will get Machida's arms tired so that in later rounds his striking won't be as effective.

You are NOT going to see Jones throwing as many head kicks in this fight bc Machida has that fast in and out movement, and "straight techniques" beat "round techniques" Machida could time one of his head kicks and step in with a quick left hand and end the fight.

So look for Jones to clinch, wrestle and keep this fight on the ground.

Machida- by now we know Machida's gameplan and it rarely changes at all. He is going to use his speed, unorthodox style and mixture of punches and kicks to try to KO Jones. And ya know what...I think he is going to do it!

I think Jones is going to have major problem getting into the clinch in this fight....he will have to cover more distance to get close to Machida and while trying to do that he IS going to get tagged.

I think this fight is going to end by TKO! Machida is going to land a laser guided left cross on Jones while Jones is trying to clinch and drop him to the floor. Then finish with a quick flurry of punches.

Jones is the favorite in this fight but do not count Machida out!!! The odds for this fight are bat sh*t crazy!! Jones -375 and Machida +275

I think the odds should be closer to Jones -220 Machida +200

The key to this fight is going to be movement and the ability to control the range!! Whoever does it better will come out the winner!!

Feel free to comment...or praise me! JK =)

BulldogWrestler2011-12-05 08:27:12 +0000 #2
Spectre is going to lose his ****ing mind when he sees this.
ZuZitsu2011-12-05 08:53:23 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by BulldogWrestler

Spectre is going to lose his ****ing mind when he sees this.

Haha is he a Jones fan? Well so am I! But Im keeping it real.

Id rather see Jones win bc I wanna see him fight Rashad but I dunno man....its not a great style match up for him.
Str8Ryt2011-12-05 08:38:45 +0000 #4
I really-really hope that is how it ends. I am putting my money on Machida and I hope it pays off.
ZuZitsu2011-12-05 08:26:54 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Str8Ryt

I really-really hope that is how it ends. I am putting my money on Machida and I hope it pays off.

Well ur getting great odds.....the handicapper should be fired!
fightfan802011-12-05 09:11:29 +0000 #6



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