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"They Cant Erase What We Were" The Official Fedor Thread

ante_up812011-12-07 03:21:19 +0000 #1
ALL Fedor news, updates and general M-1 tomfoolery here:

new interview, talks of monson fight, desire to fight in the ufc, werdum rematch, etc

rough translation:


Q: When you and Aleksander will have next fights?

A: As far as I know, Aleksander will have a fight in Kazakhstan at the end of the month. My fight is in Japan, on 31th of December.

Q: And who will be your opponent?

A: You know, it's clear yet. There are still negotiations, but I already started preparing. I don't know about opponent, but japanese want to see me against japanese fighter. And Aleksander`s opponent will be kazakh.

Q: Will your fight be rating fight or a title fight?

A: It will be the main event fight. Rating fight.

Q: A lot of people wonder if you have enough time to prepare. People say that you may fight out of shape a get injured.

A: No, I'm in good shape right now. And in fight with Monson I received no injuries. Small bruises are already healed (laughs). So I think everything will be ok, and I will prepare.

Q: What was your feelings when referee declared you as a winner. Maybe you though: "Finally, I broke my losing streak".

A: No, I had no feelings like this. I don't know, there was just a happy feeling, that we won, that work that we have done wasn't in vain, that I was able to please compatriots.

Q: The crowd helped a lot?

A: Yes, they helped a lot.

Q: so it's better to compete at home? Or there are cases when it distracts? Because you had a crazy support.

A: No, that was not distracting me at all. And it`s true, the support was bigger than in USA and Japan. It inspired me a lot.

Q: Last fight you fought in unusual manner. Was that just for a Monson fight or you will use it in a future?

A: We prepared for a Jeff, so we had preparations for exact fighter. We sharpened all the technique that I know, a learned some new things, but exactly for Monson fight. In a future I will prepare for an opponent I will compete against.

Q: The uncharacteristical thing for you were that you used a lot of low-kicks. You aren't considered as a fan of kicking. How it turned out that such experienced fighter like Monson didn't hit you once?

A: Well, I worked on my kicking, had a few camps in Holland. But I think, maybe it wasn't enough to make my kicking natural. I think last camp, last training gave the result. and everything that we worked on, worked in a fight. How it turned out that Jeff didn't hit me once? Maybe because that we were preparing for him exactly: we tried to increase speed to be much faster than Jeff, feeling of distance. So, I saw everything that Jeff tried to do.

Q: You avoided ground game on purpose?

A: You know I just felt that in a standup everything works for me and nothing works for Jeff. I could try to do something on a ground, but when I'm successful on the feet why to di it? And it's not clear what would happen on the ground. Jeff is one of the best grapplers.

Q: Did you visit Monson after the fight, because watching the interview it looks like he wasn't in a best condition after the fight. And do you feel sorry for your opponent when he is beat up like that?

A: Yes, I feel sorry. Very sorry. Because I understand that it will hurt for some time after the fight - all the injuries that I gave him.

Q: You can say that Monson is one of the best personalities that you fought, and he earned a lot of respect from Russian public.

A: Yes. I watched his last fight. He is very endurant. He showed that he has strong spirit. As much as he recieved, and he had broken leg as I know, he fought until the end, and looked worthily.

Q: Would you think about ending career if you would lose your fight?

A: I never think about defeat. I am ready for it, but I walk out set for a win. It is as it is, this is sport, this is life - anything can happen. But I always go for a win, and I ask God for a win.

Q: In interview you said that you would be happy to have rematched with oppoent that you lost to. Are there any negotiations?

A: As far as I know, Vadim now has negotiations with Fabricio Werdum. So, maybe next year we will have the fight.

Q: In your early interviews you said that you want to be the strongest fighter and want to fight the best. What is your motivation now? Also, many people are interest in you fighting in UFC. They say that there are the strongest fighters right now.

A: I compete on international level, in MMA and Combat Sambo and I represent my country. And I think there can't be better stimulus. It's about titles. Of course I would like in UFC too, but to this day, all the times we had negotiations with them.. possibly they have allergy on me (laughs), and for some reason we can't make an agreement now. vadim met them, but for example if we had some agreement in talk, the contract that they sent then were different. But I have a desire to compete in UFC.

Q: Who you would like to fight in UFC, and would you like to fight against JDS?

A: Yes, of course. The first thing you want is to fight against champion. You know, to this day UFC has gathered almost all strongest fighters. They bought Affliction, Strikeforce, PRIDE, so they took big part of the strongest fighters. and it happened in last 2-3 years. In the past UFC's division was much weaker. Against who I would like to fight? Of course against top 10 fighters - the higher fighter stands - more interesting is to compete against him. So.. against champion - Dos Santos.. mm.. against Brock Lesnar too.

Q: Fighter's career isn't eternal. Have you thought about what you will do after you will retire from sport?

A: I would like to compete several years more. And to think about it after. Well, I also think about it today - I think that I'll have to spare some time on a sport - I have to share my knowledge with young sportsman. So on some level I will work as a trainer.

Q: After you retire from MMA, would like to have boxing match against one of the Klitschko brothers?

A: No. I'm not a professional boxer and I never competed in boxing. It would be interesting to have sparring, but competiotion is different thing.

Q: So you are not interested in boxing?

A: I'm interested. I train boxing almost every day. It's interesting to try how I stand against strikers. For me, when we sparred with Denis Lebedev, the biggest compliment was that he praised me and said: "it's very interesting to box with you, there is a constant tension in sparring against you" - for me that was the highest possible assessment.

Q: Did you ever had broken nose?

A: Thankfully, never. But hitted it to blood many times (chuckles)

Q: Young sportsmen ask: how to prepare to be calm in a fight?

A: I think on a day of a fight any fighter has jim-jams. How to get rid of it? From competition to competition you have to learn to set yourself on competition and try to not think about them. Learn to find the notes inside you that will help to distract from these thoughts. When I compete by myself I`m not nervous much. With a warmup all my worries go away. But when my brother fought and I was in a corner - I was shaking a lot more. I felt that if I will trip - I will fall under the tribune.

Cbear2011-12-07 03:35:19 +0000 #2
Dana is allergic to M1.
JJBuck2011-12-07 04:03:01 +0000 #3
maybe he means Dana got all the proper shots, and is now immune to the disease?
Str8Ryt2011-12-07 03:36:44 +0000 #4
I would LOVE to see Fedor vs Brock.
Cbear2011-12-07 03:57:29 +0000 #5
Fedre vs a Japanese fighter?

The yaks and m1 are gold!
Dream2011-12-07 05:23:16 +0000 #6
Fedor vs Big Country, please.



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