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MMA Hour Train Wreck

Mephisto2011-12-08 21:23:05 +0000 #1
Holy hell, and we all thought Strikeforce had bad production at times.

I hope someone figures things out on the executive side so this is a one off occurrence. The new owners really need to look into this.
Onion2011-12-08 21:32:30 +0000 #2
Can you elaborate?

Were there glitches? I know this week was supposed to be their first week in the new studio.
Mephisto2011-12-08 21:42:23 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Onion

Can you elaborate?

Were there glitches? I know this week was supposed to be their first week in the new studio.

still ongoing, multiple crashes, offline for minutes, broken bufferings...
PowerTools2011-12-08 22:30:40 +0000 #4
Ariel is sitting on the wrong side.

Ariel's microphone picks up every rustle of his clothes. You can hear too much of the studio at all times. This takes focus away from any actual interview.

In fact there is a constant "mic-on" noise in the background that was not apparent from the old studio.

Seemed awkward that Jones would need a headset but Ariel did not.

Hendo got asked 2 questions before the entire stream just died. In fact it cut off the moment he was asked about who he would fight next and we didn't get an answer. When the Stream came back on Hendo was gone.

No audio from listeners calling in for questions.

No audio from Ariel when he was asking questions to Dan Miller. The audio stayed on Dan Miller and we got to listen to him breathing while Ariel's questions remained silent.

The player is smaller, I like the old player better (although that's subjective).

Intermittent lag on the player, perhaps from UStream? But it was not as smooth as the old one.

Personally, I think there is too much crap in the background now as well, the focus seems to be taken off of Ariel too much. In fact the studio takes away some of the personality of the old studio view. I really miss all the UFC dolls, Volkman for President Tshirt and stuff like that.

After the Jones interview, they went to play a video of Ariel interviewing the TUF guy with Rampage visit. The video came on paused and stayed that way for awhile. Meanwhile the audio stayed with Ariel and Jones and you could start to hear in the background Ariel talk with Jones.

After the Stream died once it came back on with Ariel talking to the behind the scenes guys about whether or not he needed his headset on. He didn't even know he was back live until his crew told him.

I didn't even watch it all even because it was such a mess. Most likely a bunch of other stuff went wrong.
Domina2011-12-08 23:17:11 +0000 #5
Poor Ariel
wtf im nameless2011-12-08 22:03:53 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Onion

Can you elaborate?

Were there glitches? I know this week was supposed to be their first week in the new studio.

None of the things that happened were bad on their own, but when you add them all up it was pretty rough. I definitely feel bad for Ariel after todays show.

It started out with Jon Jones / Ariel talking, there was non-stop noise from one of the mics rubbing up against clothes. Like the other poster mentioned, it looked funny with one in a headset while the other wasn't.

After the Jones interview they tried to play an interview from the TUF finale but it just sat there on pause, the audio was still on Jones/Ariel and you could just faintly hear them in the background, they had clearly already taken off their mics. Once they finally got the video going there was no sound, I'm pretty sure they couldn't get the sound going so they ended up putting one of the mics in the studio next to the speaker of the PC playing the video, it sounded horrible.

Ariel came back on and apologized for the technical difficulties and started talking to someone in the studio trying to figure things out. They then tried to get Hendo on the phone, but the picture on the top showed Dan Miller for the first few seconds, then it switched to Dan Henderson. Once Ariel finished asking Hendo his first question, Dan Miller said "Uhhhh, I think you got the wrong Dan". Then the picture went back from to Dan Miller and Ariel continued with his Miller interview. After Ariel asked Miller his second question, mic cut out and although Dan Miller could hear him none of us could. We were just listening to Dan breathing on the phone when ever Ariel was talking to him.

Finally they got Hendo on the phone and after two questions the whole feed went down, when it finally came back on Hendo was gone, at that point I closed the feed. And I know I'm forgetting a few things that went wrong, I actually felt bad for Ariel 5 minutes into the show, then things got worse, and worse, and worse... He was clearly trying to hold it together and act professional but yeah, it was a rough show for sure.



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