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Dana says Strikeforce STAYS on Showtime. Details next week

Tallica19812011-12-10 11:25:41 +0000 #1


TORONTO – Strikeforce is both staying alive and remaining on Showtime.

The promotion, which UFC parent company Zuffa purchased earlier this year, once appeared on its way to the scrap heap of failed MMA promotions.

But with the current broadcast deal set to expire in February, talks between UFC officials and the premium-cable-station representatives proved fruitful, and UFC president Dana White now expects to announce details of a new deal very soon.

"It's staying, and hopefully I'll have all the information for you next week," today said White, who said they could come as soon as Monday.

Strikeforce, a former kickboxing promotion that got into the MMA game in 2006, quickly produced some of the sport's biggest fight cards in its former home base on San Jose, Calif. It signed its deal with Strikeforce in 2009. But especially after the Zuffa purchase – which later saw Strikeforce champions Nick Diaz, Dan Henderson and Alistair Overeem moved to the UFC – the organization appeared to be on life support. For now, though, it appears to have gotten a reprieve.

White hinted that changes could be coming to Strikeforce, which boasts women's MMA but otherwise has overlapping divisions with the UFC's male weight classes.

So why maintain an organization that has competing weight classes with the UFC? Didn't the since-merged WEC already teach us that doesn't work?

"[The WEC] did work," White told ( ). "We had a great television deal with the WEC. It was very successful. The fights were awesome. There were people that loved watching the WEC fights. It absolutely worked."

But wouldn't it be better to have all the top talent under one umbrella? White, who recently jumped into the negotiations following Showtime's executive-level restructuring, said fans must be patient and wait for the details.

"Just sit and wait and watch what I do," he said. "Trust me, it's going to be just fine. Like I said last time I talked to you guys about this, I'm getting into this, and I'm going to handle it. Watch and see.

Cbear2011-12-10 11:27:59 +0000 #2
Its all about dana mcmahon and what he has done.

Cokers been making it happen all along but now dana is going to step in "and make it happen.".

I hope coker is getting well paid to keep getting emasculated by dana.
RPD2011-12-10 11:46:20 +0000 #3
Raw vs Smackdown amiright?
Tallica19812011-12-10 11:44:31 +0000 #4
I'm willing to bet Stephen Espinosa (the guy who replaced Ken Hershman as head of Showtime sports) wanted to keep it around. I expect a lot of emphasis on wmma in the next 2 years and possibly even some bellator style prospect searching.

Once Bellator was invested in by Viacom, it seemed more likely that Strikeforce might stick around. With major financial support, Bellator could have easily mad a jump to Showtime for Major events, and this basically keeps a major platform off the table for them.
Cbear2011-12-10 12:30:12 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by RPD

Raw vs Smackdown amiright?

Yup and dana is punking mayhem just like vince did page
Tallica19812011-12-10 12:34:41 +0000 #6
Espinosa has ties with Gina as well, so maybe he can coax her back for a few fights.



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