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justcallmejoe2011-12-13 03:11:51 +0000 #1
FOUR Loko..premium malt beverage with artificial flavors.

I plan on drinking ten of these ****ers and waking my old lady up after the fights and donkey punching her....yo.

Whats on the drink menu tonight boys?
cheeto1012011-12-13 03:25:52 +0000 #2
Rickards. Picked up the taster pack because I wanted to try out their new Blonde. Its pretty meh, I prefer Red Stripe for a light beer. The Red, Dark and White is still all solid though (at least as far as big name beer goes anyways)
seansloan2011-12-13 03:45:24 +0000 #3
I dont drink so I have no idea,but I thought 4 loco was banned
Str8Ryt2011-12-13 03:47:01 +0000 #4
I'm 1/4 ways into a half gallon of Jack. 4oz of Jack to a half can of sprite with 4 ice cubes in a tall glass. Duckin Frunk



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