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Karting is a motorcycle engine is the engine?

Handsome little cool guys2010-04-08 12:11:43 +0000 #1
Karting is a motorcycle engine is the engine?
ExtremeEngine2010-04-08 12:24:52 +0000 #2

Theory as long as they can bring in will do. Saying Schumi's first engine with a go-kart from a lawn mower.

Of course, the engine of the modern specialized Kart is specifically manufactured transfer speed up to about 14,000.

Part of the Kart racing is not dedicated to single-cylinder engine, but the inline four-cylinder. Speed can break a million. Of course, since relatively large speed change ratio gearbox, so the speed normally not more than 200. Single-cylinder engine is a more entry-level. V4 is also useful for a few, that is from the sports-type motorcycle engine. Such as MRT.

Kart no point in fact run slower, the fastest to reach 180 or can.

Besides single-cylinder engine, the engine's cylinders in the same case, the smaller displacement, to allow the higher speed, such as the use of small unmanned aircraft piston engine, single cylinder, speed break 20 000, of course, that little engine . Zoom to kart with an engine speed of 14000 inline four-cylinder. Such as MRT karting. It is this.

Domestic Kart mostly single-cylinder. Abroad, the situation is completely different. There are even organized by the use of go-kart competition equation.

Mistakes ... ... ... ... ... ... MRT is not a go-kart, but the Formula SAE, but it is a basic level, and karting.

But do karting is divided into four levels:

practice car, not strictly limited, generally use the 200cc four-stroke engine or a 80cc two-stroke engine. Speed 50kph or so, the output power of 3-5bhp.

Formula A

equipment 125cc single-cylinder two-stroke engine certification through the International Karting Federation, speed around 150kph, the output power is about 33bhp

Shifter Kart

the same basic configuration and Formula A, but equipped with a gearbox and a top speed of about to 180kph.

Super Kart

equipped with 250cc or 300cc inline-four cylinder, or V4 engine and gearbox, the output 90bhp, top speed of about 250kph (speed! Speed!!, Who said the ???), Kart Paode Man In order to stabilize the body, with aerodynamics.
Melancholy prince ADAM2010-04-08 12:42:40 +0000 #3
used of course also be used, of course, a good engine is a specialized manufacturer to use the

Karting Karting is the single-cylinder four-stroke engine gasoline

such as: Import Kart Engine Specifications Displacement: 123.67 cc Cylinder diameter: 54.00mm impulse: 54.00mm diameter cylinder to allow maximum: 54.28mm Ignition: Digital CDI battery charge control: contains generators Clutch: dry centrifugal clutch

14000 switch upstairs that can be achieved? Single cylinder engine can reach 14,000 rpm? That speed is estimated faster than the F1



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