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Handsome little cool guys2010-04-21 02:10:42 +0000 #1
century, the number of top-brake, give some sign. .
ExtremeEngine2010-04-21 02:22:03 +0000 #2
Alcon, APRacing, Brembo, OMP, NEX, OZ is a very good brand.

Alcon is about the strongest, and many F1 teams are using Alcon brakes, as well as Citroen WRC championship team, many branch NASCAR team ... ... ... ... ... ... civilian areas and Rolls-Royce, Brabus (Mercedes Queen modified one plant), Mitsubishi, Nissan, BMW, VW and others have close cooperation.

Brembo is also very strong, Scuderia Ferrari has been using its brakes, including the 5 time champion Michael Schumacher had never been seen. Brembo brakes to use Subaru vehicle models.

APR, unique offerings of the split brake system, performance strong, but still rare in China.

OMP made things more complicated, there are also chairs the steering wheel has brakes like, know little about.

OZ, Germany produced, Jaguar used more.

NEX considered a rising star, U.S. goods in the U.S. car market is very popular modification. And all the full set of pipes with metal pipes, and certainly not to the foundry, all self. Lyon, Peugeot is using the NEX brake.
_ Old _ big _ Mongolia husband2010-04-21 02:47:48 +0000 #3
car special ceramic brake pads
Jieao ゞ wolf2010-04-21 03:23:52 +0000 #4
how, trademark stickers affixed to Wang Jushang What? Please, please just paste a vendor, or they would be laughed at, thank you.

If you really want to modify, I recommend AP RACING (more suitable for racing or high performance modified cars), BREMBO (personally feel that the best civilian cars, of course, high-performance modifications that apply to large horsepower monster truck or products) and ALCON (old racing brake and clutch manufacturer).



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