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Funny how a great deal helps make a decision

kimikaw2011-09-11 01:22:27 +0000 #1
Since taking up mountain biking last fall, I've been researching and testing and generally trying to decide what to buy. We had an old Trek 820 which I've been riding. Tried full suspension, tried 29ers, tried full suspension 29ers. On these local trails I really like a regular 29er HT. I'd narrowed my search down to a few. Kona Kahuna, Myka 29er Expert, Trek X-Caliber and the real budget stretcher a Salsa El Mariachi.

I still lust after the El Mariachi...however, our local LBS just bought the midwest Trek women's demo trailer 2011. (Lindsay the demo rep coached at both the MTB clinics I've attended) Selling them at great prices, warranted new. Really great prices. 1/3 off msrp. And so, today this followed me home...

She's got a tiny little blemish/scratch on the top bar in that minty area. But other than that just beautiful. LBS put on a new chain and new tires just to make her even more new. I'm thrilled. A bike spec'd out with components above what I'd hoped to pay, but in the $1000 take home range.

Can't wait to ride her on some real trails. Was tearing up the yard, our woods, logs etc. today. Ordered some Forte Platforms to replace the ones we threw on for now. Undecided about the stock Bontrager saddle, may move the Specialized Ariel saddle i'd put on the old Trek over to the new girl.

indysteel2011-09-11 01:37:32 +0000 #2
That's awesome, Kim! Congrats to you and your new baby!
jessmarimba2011-09-11 02:08:57 +0000 #3
Hey, can I ask your height/what size you got?

I usually ride a 17.5 in frame but the reach on the x-caliber is a little longer than usual...however our local store doesn't have the 15 in. frame in stock (just 14 and 17.5).

I might go up tomorrow to check it out anyway but I'm just curious! You named two of the bikes I'd hoped for and I hadn't considered Treks, but seeing as how we apparently want about the same bike I should probably consider the x-caliber
kimikaw2011-09-11 01:43:22 +0000 #4
Jess- I'm 5'7" ish ( tad over), got a 17.5 X-Caliber. I was torn between a Sm and Med El Mariachi - but neither was available to test ride, so still unsure on it. I was leaning to Sm,LBS thought med. For the Myka I preferred the med, lbs thought I should have gone large. My commuter is a lg Specializeed Ariel, and I think she's marginally too big.

I was surprised by how perfect the 17.5 X-Caliber feels. Definitely not too long reach.
jessmarimba2011-09-11 01:41:42 +0000 #5
Thanks for the info! I was just going by numbers, haven't tested, so for all I know it'll feel fine

I'm 5'7" also and I have relatively long torso and arms.

Now I'm all (preemptively) excited!! I'll cross my fingers...I want a new bike

Hope you're enjoying yours!
Nick2011-09-11 03:20:12 +0000 #6
Congratulations on your new bike! She looks ready to hit the trails...



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