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Need opinions on XXS FS!

mar2011-12-15 20:15:24 +0000 #1
Hi all...

I am having a very frustrating problem with sizing. I have only been out on the trails for 6 rides, so forgive me because I am new at all this. I have tried to do my hours on hours of research with sizes, but apparently the lack of standards of measurements are beginning to show a huge problem.

I am 4'10.5" with a 26.2" inseam. I purchased a 2011 Petite Cannondale Lexi 3 from my LBS and they told me that I would just have to adjust to getting on and off the bike at an angle. Come to find out, I don't think I can stand my bike much longer.

My standover on my tippy toes puts the bike right up the center of myself (putting it very nicely), so in a panic moment, I can't unclip and just stand up. I even have a hard time unclipping one leg and standing up at a decent angle to evaluate a technical part of the trail. I don't have as much of a problem riding the bike as I do with stopping and starting which doesn't do much for my confidence for falling over for no reason! Then when I tried to get into attack position, I can not get behind the seat and get the extension I need for the weight transfer.

Today, I went to another bike shop and sat on an 2009 XS Juliana Santa Cruz with the stock 100mm fork. I was super disappointed that it too was right up myself and I couldn't comfortably flat foot the bike. I have sat on a 2005 XS Juliana with a 100mm fork and it fit fantastic, so I am baffled on why the 2009 didn't fit.

Anyone who can give me some bike suggestions and hands on experience with the standover and ability to reach attack position on any FS bike with around 100mm travel would be awesome!!! Thanks!!!!

Biciclista2011-12-15 20:19:10 +0000 #2
I just wanted to say welcome to TE. If you search a bit, you will find lots of info for shorter riders. But I can answer your question. Each bike manufacturer makes a slightly different bike. It's very common for a 44 from one company to be a different SIZE from a 44 in another. For one thing just because the stand over is the same, it doesn't mean that the top tube (reach) is the same or vice versa..

You just have to try a lot of bikes and if you're lucky, you will find one that fits.
indysteel2011-12-15 20:57:06 +0000 #3
When Santa Cruz first introduced the Juliana, its geometry was truly different from its unisex counterpart, the Superlight. At some point, they changed the Juliana's geometry. While they continued to offer the bike in an XS, it's bigger than it used to be. You'll note too that in sizes small and medium, the geometry is the same as the Superlight.
Muirenn2011-12-15 20:29:54 +0000 #4
Hmmm. First, I'd go talk to the bike shop and see if you can return the bike because it doesn't fit. Perhaps they can find something to trade for. If not in a Cannondale, then in another brand. That is a difficult size to find. It that doesn't work, I'd contact Cannondale and explain the situation. Sounds like the dealer sold you a bike even though they knew it wouldn't fit. They aren't supposed to do that. Cannondale values their reputation. They should make it right.

Can't help on the small frame. But I know there have been other threads on here where women looked for bikes with a 25 inch stand-over, and there were many suggestions. So the right bike should be out there.

The other option is to find a new frame-set (frame and fork) that fits, and transfer all your bike components (wheels, drive-train, handlebars, etc) onto the new frame. Again. I'd hit up that shop that sold you the wrong bike and try to get them to do the labor. You paid for expertise when shopping at a local bike shop (lbs) and they didn't give it to you. Then you could perhaps sell the old frameset on TE or ebay.

Edit: I realize your Lexi is much higher-end, but just an example of frames that are perhaps the correct size:

A quick look at Jamis Bikes shows this entry-level XC bike: . Stand-over is 25.27. May be not what you are looking for in componentry or even type of frame. But it's possible? Again, if your componentry is better on your current ride, you could harvest the frame, and have a bike shop swap everything out.

Jamis also has a couple of youth FS mountain : bikes in the 24 inch SO range. May be nice.*

Just found this thead: on another forum. Keep in mind the thread is old, and companies change their numbers every year. Post number 6 mentions a rider who is about your height.
mar2011-12-15 22:11:50 +0000 #5
Thank yall so much for the replies. I looked through the threads quite a bit but I guess I was hoping that a short rider would have the magic answer for me.

I live in the DFW TX area and I have been to almost every bike shop around sitting on bikes. The problem I am having is that no one carries the XXS or XS to try out and no way am I putting another deposit on a bike that won't work for me. My LBS pretty much said too bad so sad...I am not too happy about it but unless I drop to a hardtail, I don't think Cannondale or trek bikes will work (once again I don't know 100% cause no one has any smaller bikes in stock to sit on). I will go through that thread and read...

It just really sucks with a 28.7 standover on the lexi 3 and if I measure my inseam it sits flat at 26. Talk about a pain!!!



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