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Mountain Biking in Connecticut with Coach Jimena Florit Dolzadelli

Nick2011-12-30 15:25:27 +0000 #1
I went to Connecticut this weekend for coaching sessions with Jimena. Here is a brief report:

Mountain Biking coaching weekend in Connecticut, day 1:

1) Got lost in Massachussets on my way to Connecticut. Saved from a meltdown by my son's calm listening and excellent advice.

2) Only one fall. Asphalt. Bruised butt.

3) I'm good at bike handling and weaves.

4) I still haven't got the hang of the skills that require lifting the wheels off the ground.

Note: Jimena is a wonderful coach.

Mountain Biking coaching weekend in Connecticut, day 2:

1) Technical Trails are terrifying. I still don't feel enough in control while using clipless pedals to go fast downhill on unknown curvy singletrack trails with deep roots, rocks, and trees in the way. Heart pounding, body shaking scary.

2) Clipless. Grrr. Hate 'em! Not giving up, though.

3) Basic trails I can do. I'm getting good at turning sharp corners. Made it through the tight, narrow spaces. Grabbed a tree to avoid a crash.

4) Learned how to take off the wheels from my full suspension bike with disc brakes -- it's tricky getting them back into the right grooves for the chains, disc, and fork. I did it.

5) I'm exhausted. My mind worked as hard as my body this weekend.

If you're interested, I can post a list of the skills we practiced.

esmorin2011-12-30 15:32:03 +0000 #2
I am in did you find out about this clinic? Was it associated with a shop? How much $ was it? (Oh man, I've got a lot of questions!)
Nick2011-12-30 15:52:15 +0000 #3
Smiles, hello. It wasn't a clinic. This was a private coaching session. I found out that Jimena is located fairly close to where I live when I attended a MTB clinic hosted by the local Luna Chix MTB team. Jimena led the session. I would definitely recommend that if you are in Connecticut and looking for MTB training, sessions with Jimena are the way to go. She is a wonderful coach. I calculated the cost of attending regular MTB clinics in say, Vermont, which is equidistant from Connecticut for me (there are a few places in Vermont that offer ongoing clinics). The cost of going with a scheduled clinic vs. private coaching were about the same. The nice thing about private coaching is the one to one focus adapted to your level and needs.
indysteel2011-12-30 16:03:27 +0000 #4
That is so cool, Nick. I'm glad you had that kind of an opportunity.

As for the clipless, have you thought about taking them off for a bit and then going back to them when your other skills are better developed? As a new MTBer myself, I decided to wait on the clipless, although I've long used them for road riding. It's just one less thing for me to worry about for the time being, but I do plan to eventually try them.
Nick2011-12-30 17:15:21 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by indysteel

As for the clipless, have you thought about taking them off for a bit and then going back to them when your other skills are better developed?

The thought has definitely crossed my mind! Jimena insists that I need to get comfortable with the clipless, so I'm hanging in there. I was far more comfortable with the BMX style pedals on my hardtail. I didn't fall once with those, and wasn't anywhere near as fearful on the trails (because I felt in control).



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