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Catrin2012-01-10 03:17:33 +0000 #1
At what point does wind become a problem when riding in the woods? Obviously being in the woods helps a great deal, but obviously when they get too high then there is a concern about trees falling over

I am just curious how others approach this, though I am likely over-thinking this
Biciclista2012-01-10 03:20:20 +0000 #2
If winds are over 30 mph i'd stay out of the woods. especially after a soaking rain.
Becky2012-01-10 04:01:06 +0000 #3
Wind alone won't keep me off the trails, but Mimi makes a good point about rain and how it can make roots unstable. Then again, if the trails are that soaked, I wouldn't be riding them.....

Actually, on a windy day, I'm more likely to MTB than go for a road ride.
Catrin2012-01-10 04:20:28 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Becky


Actually, on a windy day, I'm more likely to MTB than go for a road ride.

Indeed, same here, and I won't ride the trails when they are closed. We have an online system here in Indiana where the trail conditions are tracked so I don't have to drive more than an hour to get to my favorite trails to find them unrideable.

The trails drain well and don't typically have to be closed for long in my favorite riding location. I just wonder sometimes about the trees that are not along the trails that are in less-well drained locations that could be blown down and land across the trails. It happens. All of that being said I am not overly concerned with it, just curious how others view this.
limewave2012-01-10 04:31:38 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Biciclista

If winds are over 30 mph i'd stay out of the woods. especially after a soaking rain.

That's about where I'm at with it. Usually the woods are a good shield, but if its been raining, the leaves are heavy and we have high winds--forget it! I've seen big branches come down and I've been pelted with little acorns. Not fun.
Catrin2012-01-10 04:15:36 +0000 #6
I was in the woods yesterday riding with a friend and her son. I had a lot of fun watching the wind-whipped tree tops

There wasn't all that much wind that made it to the trail level but there was more than normal and it was fun. There doesn't seem to be any walnut trees on that particular trail or else they have already fallen - there have been strong winds for a few days.

I was riding slower than normal and hit a root at an angle while going slow...fell hard and fast. That will be a lesson I won't soon forget, snapped my neck and wrenched my back

A bit stiff and sore today but I feel MUCH better this morning, still hitting the ibuprofen bottle.

The interesting thing is the soreness ISN'T on the side that hit the ground, but the opposite side. I wouldn't have thought that...
Aggie_Ama2012-01-10 05:29:22 +0000 #7
We have had a lot of trees falling due to the drought but no one I know has had one hit them or even been presnt. I have had some limbs fall.

Usually I say around 30 mph, although I don't pay much attention to the winds before I leave for the trails.

Completely unrelated, one local guy was riding a trail that is an out and back. Passed one point, it was clear but when he returned a BOULDER had tumbled down. That would be scary!!!
limewave2012-01-10 06:37:58 +0000 #8
Boulder! Yikes! We were hiking in Northern California once during the rainy season. And a section of trail along a steep ridge washed out while we were hiking! We had to do some dangerous scaling and climbing to get around that section on the way back. File this under things I would never consider now that I have children . . .

Another reason I don't like riding in high winds is the debris on the trail. A lot of little sticks and branches to fly up and break a derailleur.



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