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New MTB - Merida Juliet One-twenty 1000-D??

GumbyGirl2012-03-25 05:19:23 +0000 #1
Hi Ladies

Well I've been noticeably absent from this forum for quite some time (not that I had many posts beforehand either!). I took some time out (about 2 years!) to have a baby and enjoy her early years. I have recently found my MTB mojo again, and have entered a 50km MTB race here in Aus coming up in March to keep me focussed.

I have always ridden my trusty hardtail (Avanti Barracuda) and historically raced enduro.

I really need a new bike and a dual suspension is calling my name. I like the geometry of the Merida Juliet One-Twenty (don't usually go women's specific, as I am long bodied and short legged, 5'6"), as even though it's women specific it is very similar geometry to my current bike. Does anyone have one of these or know of any reviews out there. I tried to search, but no luck. My DH is a bit cautious about Merida (for reasons unknown)...

I also know I just gotta get on one and test ride it, which I intend, but like to know of any known faults/indiosyncrasies/lovely bits before heading out.

I have a budget of under $3000AUD so really nice bikes like the Pivots are beyond my reach. The Juliet is on sale for $1995 - sa-weet!

Any advice you can give would be great - DH rides a Giant, but for some reason I am resistant

Thanks all! I look forward to hearing from you.



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